Blush, which is not happy: why is there a vascular mesh on the face

Dilated small vessels on the face, which appear in 80% of people with rosacea. Spider veins can cover cheeks, forehead, nose, chin. This “glow” can be hardly visible from light pink or Vice versa – to crimson or purple. In most cases, rosacea is a cosmetic defect. And not to aggravate the condition, you need to follow the facial skin a way of life in General.

Who is most likely to develop rosacea

Dilated small blood vessels on the face can occur at different ages, but over the years, these spider veins become more and more. Sometimes rosacea occurs in young children, but with age, spider veins are disappearing. Women are more likely to develop rosacea than men. So why do some people spider veins on the face are barely noticeable, while others such unhealthy “blush” much spoils the appearance?

More than others are predisposed to develop rosacea people with brittle and non-elastic vessels – this factor is hereditary. Also often vascular mesh on the face begins to increase in women with sensitive dry skin, especially if they often do a cleansing and rejuvenating facial treatments.Too close to the skin blood vessels are injured easier, therefore such people are influenced by a number of factors can develop rosacea.

What factors contribute to the development of rosacea

To cause the formation of vascular “stars” or mesh on the face can not only heredity. To the expansion of capillaries and blood vessels on the face can lead:

  • frequent temperature changes. If you like to frequent the saunas, the steam room, you’re at risk for rosacea. Also the dilated vessels on the face occur in people whose work involves exposure to low and high temperatures, and radiation and toxic substances on the skin
  • chronic diseases: hormonal disorders, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.
  • excess weight and obesity
  • ultraviolet radiation: excessive exposure to the sun, the fascination with Solarium
  • alcohol and Smoking
  • frequent stress.

Treatment and prevention of rosacea

If vascular mesh on the face is too noticeable and is the cause of your discomfort and bad mood, you should get rid of it. Treatment of rosacea do dermatologists and cosmetologists, you need to initially know the reason because of which the vessels are dilated, then the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It can correction laser, ozone therapy is a method so-called freeze and correction of dilated capillaries, etc. Sometimes it is enough to choose the appropriate care products skin to reduce the signs of rosacea. It is also important to strengthen the blood vessels, so your doctor may prescribe vitamin complexes containing vitamins C, d, and E.

To spider veins on the face didn’t bother you, follow the prevention of rosacea:

  • use care products for the face according to your skin type. Remember, not all home remedies used by your girlfriend and friends is suitable for you
  • well moisturize the skin, try to use decorative cosmetics. With increased fragility of blood vessels and the presence of spider veins on the face can not steam your face with too hot water and steam and Vice versa – wipe with ice, saunas and Solarium
  • follow the food: spicy and hot food, drinks, alcohol will contribute to the expansion of blood vessels on the face
  • definitely switch to fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • use sun glasses, creams with SPF-filters, hats with a wide brim to protect face skin from sunlight
  • ways to cleanse the skin with excessive thinness of the vessel needs to pick up the beautician, since this condition contraindicated any mechanical cleaning of the face.