“Caught” the tick: how to remove the insect without harm to health

Camping, unfortunately, often ruining insects – especially ticks. This year they are particularly active and dangerous: ticks that live in Ukraine are the vectors of tick-borne borreliosis or Lyme disease. The disease is extremely dangerous and if untreated, can cause disabilities and even lead to death. Tick-borne encephalitis in our area is extremely rare, but nevertheless should be on the lookout.

If it has stuck tick: how to remove it

When a mite gets on a person’s body and sticks the insect during the day injects into the blood of man “their” viruses and bacteria. It is therefore important to remove the tick as soon as possible. But it should be done correctly. Doctors recommend not to do this on their own, and to come to the emergency room or another medical facility where the tick will remove professionals. Then the insect will be taken for analysis and for infectious diseases. But if you provide professional medical care mite affected person is now impossible, as time goes – you will need to remove the tick independently. For this you need tweezers:

Initially, you need to grab the tick as close to the skin where it is stuck

  • Drag him straight vykruchivalis slow motion
  • Then the wound should be treated with a disinfectant, wash hands
  • Mites do not kill and do not throw away – put it in a jar to then give to the lab.


What not to do at a sting of the tick

Common advice to anoint the tick with oil only hurt: the tick will not disappear. Also very important:

  • Do not press the tick in order not to crush
  • Not to pull and not to pull the insect, so often do, in the end, the head of the tick breaks off and remains in the skin
  • Do not apply to the insect not only oil, but any other means – alcohol, ether, etc.

After the tick tested in the laboratory, experts will tell you the results of the analysis. If the tick finds borrelii – the bacteria that cause Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis), the victim will prescribe a course of antibiotics. Upon detection of tick-borne encephalitis virus prescribe the introduction of a special immunoglobulin.

How to protect yourself from the attack of mites

Going on nature, “arm” insecticides – the means to repel ticks and other insects. Just remember to wash your hands after applying such funds to the skin. It is also important to choose the right clothes: going into the woods, make sure that the pants were tucked into socks, shirt sleeves were long and snug to the body.

After camping carefully inspect each other’s houses, inspect the garments periodically on each other during a picnic or walk. Ticks can also be brought into the house with bouquets of wild flowers, insects also affect Pets. So be sure to inspect after walking your cat, dog, etc.