Causes of nightmares that you had no idea

Often dreaming of the tiger spring night terrors can be triggered by stress, heightened physical exertion, and even malnutrition. A terrible dream which forced to Wake up in a cold sweat, at least once in a lifetime dream for each of us. But often recurring night terrors, can seriously undermine the mental and physical health.

When bad dreams are persecuted for no apparent reason (the person is not nervous, not experiencing a loss, etc.), it is easy to fall into a state of despair and believe in evil spirits. However, the reason you have nightmares there – you just may not know how “trivial” things, which the person attaches no importance, can cause bad dreams.

What factors can cause disturbing dreams

The main cause of nightmares in most cases is stress or strong emotional experience. Ask yourself how comfortable you experience conflict in family, heavy workload, etc.? Sometimes even the understanding that man takes everything to heart doesn’t help him to master his emotions and stop being nervous. Then without the help of a specialist can not do. Breakup, death of a loved one, change of residence – all these factors cause severe emotional shock and may cause nightmares.

But why the horrors of the dream, when the family all is quiet, work is going well, financial problems do not occur? The reasons may be several:

  • addiction to fatty, fried and spicy food. If you like to eat before bed smoked sausage with cheese sauce or mustard, don’t be surprised if at night you dream bad dreams. Hot spices increase the body temperature, thereby accelerating the metabolism. This reduces the usefulness of a night’s rest, that eventually “translates” the often dream nightmares
  • the location of the bed or couch where you sleep. Try a few days to sleep in another room or move the bed in another part of the room. And don’t forget to well ventilate the room before going to sleep
  • addiction to alcoholic beverages. Especially before bedtime. Physicians have long shown that alcohol taken at night is bad sleeping pills: a man fast asleep under the influence of alcohol, but then wakes up and resting defective
  • excessive physical exertion. Excessive sports or lifting weights affects the adrenal glands, causing sleep disorder
  • uncontrolled medications
  • frequent infectious diseases in which increased body temperature, especially SARS and influenza.

If you have nightmares, then feel free to go to the doctor

What to do if you often have nightmares? In the first place – to see a specialist. If night terrors become for you frequent, without the help of a therapist can not do. Recurring bad dreams may be a symptom of neurosis, and chronic anxiety. To cope with such condition will help deep psychoanalysis, if necessary, a change in diet and physical activity may need to take sedatives or herbal remedies, vitamin complexes.

How to improve sleep alone

Easier to fall asleep, improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of night terrors can be yourself, reviewing your habits and adjust them:

  • go to bed so you could sleep till 23-00
  • do not forget to ventilate the room in warm seasons you can sleep with an open window or window
  • balance your menu and eliminate from the diet of fatty and spicy food. Do not cram the night: try to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime
  • before sleep drink warm tea or milk with honey or herbal tea. Improving sleep helps the collection of peppermint leaves, cumin seeds, Valerian root and chamomile flowers. You can take a teaspoon of each ingredient, pour 1 Cup boiling water (200 grams), leave for 20 minutes. Then strain through a strainer or cheesecloth and drink before bedtime a glass of this tea by adding a spoonful of honey. If you have an Allergy to grass, or problems with the digestive organ, take this tea without consulting a doctor is impossible.