Celebrate with the mind: the effects of alcohol intoxication of the body

Now is the period of New Year’s and Christmas holidays, and with him also the organization of the feast. Few holiday feats without alcohol, but you must use it with wisdom, otherwise you can get alcohol intoxication of the body.

Poisoning with alcohol

If a person is drunk too much, the liver may simply not be able to cope with its functional duties. Then comes alcoholic intoxication, or just poisoning. With an increase in the dose of alcohol that continues to fall into the body, its neurotoxic effect, which is increased or decreased mobility, increased coordination of movements, loss of consciousness, etc., increases. It happens that due to intoxication the work of the respiratory and vascular centers is disturbed. Then a person needs a qualified medical aid, otherwise a dangerous condition for life can develop – an alcoholic coma.

One of the severe manifestations of alcohol poisoning is a variety of psychoses, hallucinations and convulsions. Intoxication leads to impaired functioning of the heart, kidneys, liver, and the use of low-quality alcoholic surrogates can even provoke human death.

Signs of alcohol poisoning

How to understand that a person is “overwhelmed” and needs help? The following symptoms will be reported:

  • Unhealthy glow in the eyes.
  • Red skin of the face.
  • Significant sweating
  • Slow pulse.
  • Strongly enlarged pupils.
  • Poor coordination of movements.
  • Voice and speechless speech.
  • Inadequate facial expressions.
  • Difficulties with concentration of attention.
  • Complete lack of self-criticism.
  • Vomiting
  • Slow motion.
  • Loss of consciousness.

Consequences of alcohol intoxication

If you do not give people help, alcohol poisoning can lead to the following extremely serious consequences:

  1. A person may choke his own emesis.
  2. Because of severe dehydration, people may experience seizures and brain damage that provoke death.
  3. A strongly lowered body temperature can also lead to death.
  4. Slow breath, which can stop at any time.
  5. The heart works irregularly, it can stop at any moment.

How to help a person with alcohol poisoning?

If all the symptoms indicate poisoning, the first thing to do is immediately call an ambulance or bring the person to the nearest hospital. There are times when even a few minutes can save a person’s life.

While the ambulance rides, it is necessary to turn the person to the side so that she could not suck his own vomit masses. Also, if a person is conscious, you should give her a drink sorbent, for example, activated charcoal.

If vomiting has not yet begun, it is better to call it artificially, to help the body work to eliminate the effects of intoxication. Calling vomiting is possible only when a person is in consciousness.

In no case can you let a person drink alcohol, it is strictly forbidden to leave it alone until the arrival of doctors.
Avoid alcohol intoxication can be as follows:

  1. Drink alcohol slowly, always eating.
  2. Do not drink alcohol on a hungry stomach.
  3. Adequately count your strength, do not use too strong drinks for you, do not mix them (for example, do not drink champagne, then vodka, then beer).

Everyone knows his measure. So, in order not to spoil the holiday neither myself nor the others, drink a little and competently. To make alcohol an uplift, and not to have done a lot of trouble.

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