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Beauty is worth it to fight for it. According to this principle lived Italian beauty Sophia Loren. And the result of its “struggle” is visible to the naked eye even in 79 years, the actress looks well-groomed and toned.

So as you may have guessed, we will focus on skin rejuvenation techniques. If you have previously been in vogue these invasive procedures like Botox or plastic, aesthetic medicine today gives priority to the safety and health of the skin. This is important, because the skin is an organ that performs a huge amount fiziologicheskihfunktsy. As the heart, liver, kidneys, it needs constant care. Moreover, it should be remembered that the body is interconnected, which means that problems of external (skin rashes, premature appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes) may directly depend on the endocrinological and gynecological diseases. Therefore, before you go on a radical, even the most “advanced” rejuvenation procedures need to resolve internal problems.

Allowed? Then move to the unique natural method of restoring the properties and functions of the skin – the use of fibroblasts. It is of skin cells that synthesize collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other important components responsible for the appearance of the skin and its main function.

With age, the number of fibroblasts and their activity decreases exponentially. The skin becomes less elastic, there are unwanted wrinkles, which is impossible to cope with the help of creams and traditional cosmetic procedures. New biotechnology gives a chance to the skin stay young and zdorovoyvne depending on the age of the patient. What is the secret method?

The specialist makes fence small biopsy (piece) of the skin (up to 3 mm in diameter) in a patient, after which in modern biotechnology laboratories new active cells cultured under controlled conditions. The required amount of these cells transplant doctor in the problem areas. Here they begin to stimulate the processes of regeneration (restoration / renovation) of the skin. As a result – improved condition and appearance of skin, increased firmness and elasticity , are reduced or completely eliminated wrinkles, aging processes are slowed down.

For the first time this method has been applied for the correction of wrinkles and scars in 1995 by experts of the American company Isolagen (today Fibrocell) .Tehnologiya proven high clinical efficacy and safety, and today has become a worldwide practice. Ukraine – is no exception. More than 100 patients have already tried to imagine this procedure. All of them reported significant subjective improvement in skin texture, its internal structure, elasticity. But that’s not all. The method allows patients to take care of your future today. Young people can keep their fibroblasts Cryobank, and through the years, when it becomes necessary to take advantage of the miracle of your own cells to rejuvenate.

Thus, the introduction of cutting-edge technology at the cellular level in aesthetic medicine is intended not mask skin problems, mindlessly filling them with the most advanced drugs. The method – different philosophy. It is aimed at the efficient and safe recovery of the skin young properties as possible in a natural way, by activating your own natural potential and maintaining the individual features.


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