Cellulite: the disease or not and what to do with “orange peel” on the skin

Many doctors do not consider cellulite disease. In General, a single medical opinion in relation to cellulite and not this “disease” until the early 70-ies of the last century in General the disease was not considered. However, the majority of women (in men cellulite is much rarer) every year spend a lot of effort, time and money to fight “orange peel”. And in anticipation of spring begins the real boom of anti-cellulite.

Why do I get cellulite

Doctors do not use the term “cellulite,” calling the manifestation of the “orange peel” on the body lipodystrophy or liposclerotic. Most doctors are inclined to believe that cellulite – it is characteristic of subcutaneous fat in adult women. Lipodystrophy is formed not only overweight women, but thin, not only in adults but also in young and even in children. Some people cellulite is hardly noticeable, others pronounced, and the third none at all.

Cellulite has a genetic predisposition, also the appearance of “orange peel” is caused by a number of factors:

  • violation of the peripheral circulation
  • hormonal disorders
  • pregnancy or puberty
  • unhealthy diet: fatty, fried food, fast food, sweets
  • lack of exercise or low physical activity
  • Smoking
  • a stressful situation
  • frequent changes in weight (rapid weight loss and then again a set of body weight)

Doctors do not consider a slight appearance of cellulite on a woman’s body disease. However, if the “orange peel” effect is pronounced, you will need to consult not only the dermatologist and esthetician. Pronounced cellulite can be a symptom of the disease of subcutaneous fat and a symptom of hormonal disorders that require diagnosis by a gynecologist and endocrinologist.

How to recognize cellulite at an early stage

The most common place of the “orange peel” – the abdomen, thighs, buttocks. Less cellulite forms on the legs (calves) and upper arms. In the first stage of the development of lipodystrophy invisible even “crust”, and in much severe cases, there is even the pain stiffness in the affected cellulite areas of the skin and inflammation.
Clearly visible to the naked eye bumps and dimples on the skin is already advanced stages of cellulite. In the early stages of lipo external changes of the skin not yet visible, and notorious “orange peel” you can see if muscle strain or pinch the skin fold with your hands.

How to get rid of cellulite

Some modern beauty salons and a variety of creams to combat cellulite women promise a miraculous deliverance from the “orange peel” for a few sessions or a week. However, to get rid of what was formed in the body for several years, cannot be removed for 7 days. If a woman (or man) wants to get rid of cellulite, some cosmetic treatments and massages will not be enough.

Physical education, sport and any physical activity is a good way to prevent cellulite. If the lipo is already at an advanced stage and the person never played sports or even basic home exercise , fitness accelerated pace can increase swelling in the tissues and make the “orange peel” is even more pronounced and painful. But this does not mean that physical education should not refuse.
Physical activity should be combined with a healthy diet, avoiding harmful habits, massage helps to fight cellulite swimming.

Remember an important point: fasting in the fight against cellulite will not help. If you limit the intake of calories in the body, it will Supplement their lack of available stock, and the cellulite will remain. It is important to make balanced meals:

  • limit your intake of unhealthy fats (animal fats, TRANS fats and sweet pastries)
  • eat more plant foods
  • take vitamins and omega No. acid, they will help to strengthen the capillaries that nourish fat cells

A variety of wraps, anti-cellulite creams also come in handy, but only as a Supplement to combat lipodystrophy. Anti-cellulite creams are good to use as an additional tool for anti-cellulite massage – instead of the usual cream or oil. Be careful in pursuit of perfect skin and don’t use any “extreme” measures such as anti-cellulite banks, apitherapy (bee stings), etc. Such methods can further injure the affected lipodystrophy skin and increase swelling.