Cerumen in the ear: symptoms and solutions

The formation of cerumen in the ears is quite a common phenomenon associated with many factors. They may not cause any symptoms or can cause hearing loss, pain in the ears and even inflammatory processes. So you need to be able to diagnose the problem and know how to deal with it.

Why is there a waxy build-up?

Cerumen is not nothing but a conglomeration of sulfur, cells peeled off the skin and secretion of the sebaceous glands in the ear canal. In the normal amount of sulphur protects the ear from damage, but if its too much, it leads to certain problems.

If sulfur in the ear a little, she independently goes from the ear canal to the natural movements of its lower wall: during the conversation, chewing. If not, the sulfur accumulates, forming a plug. Most often it happens because of a narrow or tortuous ear canal, but also because of the increased production of sulfur. All of this is the innate factors that are physiological, not pathological, but require increased control of the hygiene of the ears.

Factors that can cause the formation of cerumen is ear infections, too moist or dusty air, headphone abuse, poor hygiene hearing.

The symptoms of cerumen

Signs of the formation of traffic jams depend on their size and locations. The symptoms include:

  • stuffy ear;
  • hearing loss due to the overlapping of the auditory canal;
  • the noise in the ear;
  • headache, dizziness;
  • nausea.

If cerumen in the auditory canal, it often results in inflammation (otitis).

How to get rid of cerumen?

If you have any suspicion of sulfuric plug, do not pull, go to the audiologist. There are the following ways of removing cerumen:

  • Lavage of the ear. This is the most common method of removing cerumen that is used in any ENT office. This procedure is virtually painless, but can cause a variety of unpleasant sensations: congestion in the ear, noise. Leaching of sulfuric cork generally very afraid of children, so you need the help of the nurse and parents to hold baby in place. Most often it is unfounded fear, but this trend has.
  • Dissolution of the sulfur with the help of special substances. Overall not a very nice wash procedure can be replaced by introduction into the auditory canal of substances which dissolve sulfur. They are called cerumenolytic. These funds are dissolved sulfur and does not cause it to swell in the ear. Softened the sulfur then comes itself from the ears. Cerumenolytic cannot be used if the patient has trauma to the eardrum, they are not recommended for children up to 2.5 years.
  • Vacuum aspiration cerumen. This so-called dry method of removing jams with the help of special equipment. Is not all clinics, it is worth more than a standard wash, but relieves the patient from the well-known discomfort associated with water procedure.

One need to remember all is to attempt to remove cerumen in the home is impossible. This can cause damage to the ear, decrease or even hearing loss. Therefore, trust in this question the expert, it will be able to quickly and effectively help you.


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