Children’s enuresis: disease or a temporary nuisance?

Enuresis, incontinence of urine during sleep, is facing 10 to 15% of children aged 5 to 12 years. Sometimes the cases are isolated, which should not to worry, but if sleep is chronically wet, it greatly complicates the process of socialization of the child, affect her psychological state. In addition, bedwetting can be a symptom of certain health problems. Therefore, parents should understand when you start to beat anxiety and how to get rid of the problem.

When to start to worry?

All parents want to have 1-2 years the child was not “wet” nights. But the reality is far from these expectations: to worry about the problem should be not earlier than from the time the child reaches 5 years of age. Doctors say that up to 3 years to hold back urine during sleep may be only 70% of children up to 4 years – 75%.

Causes of enuresis in children

Urinary incontinence in a child may occur for the following reasons:

  • The immaturity of the Central nervous system and bladder. To the brain may not be getting the signals that the bladder is full and need to Wake up. To 5 years this is normal and not to worry.
  • Certain mental factors that lead to delay in development of the nervous system according to age of the child. For example, enuresis is common in children with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity.
  • The stress associated with change of domicile, a hit for the new children, separation from mother, an unhealthy atmosphere in the family.
  • The factor of heredity: if at least one of the parents in the childhood suffered from enuresis, the child probably will have such problems.
  • Hormonal disturbances. Antidiuretic hormone is responsible for amount produced by the body urine: the more blood, the less urine is formed. Night the level should rise, with enuresis do not.
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system. For example, a narrowing of the urethra in girls or narrowing hole foreskin in boys. Can also be a functional insufficiency of the capacity of the bladder.
  • A urinary tract infection.

In extremely rare causes of enuresis include:

  • epileptic seizures;
  • apneic spells (stops breathing) during sleep;
  • endocrine diseases, such as diabetes.

How to deal with bedwetting?

To 5 years enuresis is not treated, up to this age, many children are still in the formation of a conditioned reflex to urinate. In most cases, enuresis is not associated with serious illness, but it is a powerful psychological problem that affects the climate in the family, the morale of both the child and parents. Chronic bedwetting can lead to urinary tract infections so to fight it we must.

Most often enuresis is associated with delayed maturation of the Central nervous system: neural connections established poorly, and the brain receives the signal from the bladder on the need emptying. Often the “wet” night precedes the mental trauma of the child, a fright, a change of scenery (the beginning of kindergarten, school). To incontinence can lead the appearance in the family of another child, when the roles are redistributed, and the eldest child feels a certain fear and uncertainty. This is all stressful situation, which entails enuresis.

Before to treat enuresis, it is advisable to identify its cause. An important aspect of treatment is the establishment of clear routines for your child, but also the rhythm of the fluid intake.

If the survey revealed that enuresis is associated with the immaturity of the nervous system, the child can appoint a special medical therapy. With the problem will help to fight the pediatrician, pediatric urologist, gynecologist, neurologist. Seek medical help exactly necessary, if the child is unable to hold urine night more than 1 time per 21 days, and if it is more than 5 years.

For the treatment of enuresis in addition to the drugs used physiotherapy, acupuncture.

There are also special alarms, tube which is placed in the panties of the child during sleep. The alarm attached to the pajamas, starts to ring right after his tube detects the first drops of urine. The child thus produces a reflex to awakening and urination in the night. Almost always with the child should work with a psychologist to resolve psychological factors in the development of enuresis.

In the world there are many children who suffer from bedwetting, so this problem is not unique. Parents should not scold the child for bed-wetting, her guilt in this. What you need to do is not to give a lot to drink before bed, to reduce the child to the toilet immediately before going to bed, to try to avoid overstimulation before bedtime. Also it is better to leave for the night included a night light, because some kids are just afraid to stand up to the toilet or to the potty through the darkness. But what you need to do is put on baby’s diaper or pick her up in the night to the toilet, these actions will significantly inhibit the formation of the necessary reflex. And a special interruption of sleep is also harmful, because it gives the nervous system a rest.

In compliance with proper treatment, 30% of children bedwetting stopped, his other symptoms have greatly diminished and gradually disappear. Praise the child for every dry night, create a normal psychological climate, and the problem is forever a thing of the past.