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Why overeating is harmful to health?

Winter holidays – a period of meeting with friends, family, and everything is almost certainly involves a festive meal. How then indulge in unnecessary piece of meat or cake, after all that delicious? However, to control themselves still need, because doctors say that overeating is extremely harmful to health. The work which organs and systems it can affect?

The impact of excessive consumption of food on health

From overeating suffers the whole body, and perhaps the most heart. Bodies during excessive food intake increases because the heart is forced to work more intensively to provide them with the necessary amount of blood. For this reason alone increases the heart muscle, increasing heart rate. Result – jumping pressure that can pull a hypertensive crisis and even stroke. 

The second body that is suffering from overeating – liver. After drinking too fatty foods in large quantities liver cells quickly completely filled with fat, which adversely affects the operation of this body and heart and gastrointestinal tract. The result can range from temporary discomfort to gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.

Overeating negative impact on the work of the joints and spine. It is a chronic abuse of food and obesity that occurs as a result. Because of the weight load on the spine and joints is increased, and therefore, they quickly wear out. 

Systematically excessive food intake adversely affects the functioning of the pancreas, which should also work in emergency mode. Because it may be a serious disease like diabetes. So once again, think before you overeat again.

Because of the extra weight that accumulates over time fans eat much, develops obesity, which affects both the physical and the mental health. It appears pile complexes because of their appearance, like it stops itself, often because it can not lead a full active life. In addition, obesity saves natural mobility. From rid of excess weight is very difficult, obesity affects violation and slower metabolism, which is why overweight accumulate even faster. There is a vicious circle from which escape is difficult enough.

A separate issue – overeating at night, which is especially important for the holidays. Eating before bed is very bad, because in this case the body is unable to relax at night and gain strength for a new day. Instead, he had to process food, making people poor sleep, feeling tired in the morning, it hurts heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, bloating, constipation. All this can be avoided by eating at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

How to avoid overeating during the holidays?

Whatever were delicious meal and holiday table should control themselves and do not overeat. For this it is necessary to eat small meals, avoiding too fatty, smoked, pepper, spicy and salty foods. It is better to eat often, but in smaller quantities. 

You should also remember that feeling before saturation should take a little time. So should eat slowly, otherwise avoid overeating and feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. It is especially during the holidays where no hurry, so give yourself time to feel satiety. 

And most importantly – remember that the holidays will pass quickly, but due to wrong eating behavior of their consequences can be long fight. So celebrate with the mind, do not eat too much.