“Cold” on lips: how to cure herpes?

Painful vesicles on the lips or the skin appeared almost every one of us. “Fever” or “cold on the lips” as it is called in everyday life herpes, the disease is very common. Called it a virus and affects the mucous membranes of the lips or nose, genitals, skin, nervous system and internal organs. With the onset of persistent cold herpes makes itself known more often: we often nipped by the frost, the body’s defenses weaken and the disease escalates. Because, once infected with herpes to get rid of it forever is impossible, many tormented by the question: why to treat it? And really, why? Let’s deal.

How is herpes infection

Herpes simplex is a disease of an infectious nature, which is triggered by the herpes virus of the 1st or 2nd type. Herpes, once in the body, may not manifest itself for a long time. And begin to recur only after the body’s defenses are reduced. Often recurrences of herpes occur in the cold season, since the immunity aimed to fight the hypothermia, colds, stress etc. So often a characteristic rash on the lips “side by side” with runny nose, cough, etc. Hence the common misconception that herpes is one of cold symptoms.

In most cases, the virus affects the skin (especially mucous membranes of the lips), eyes and genitals. The herpes virus can very easily enter the body: through contact with a person who has fresh eruptions over the towel, dishes, linens. So it’s easy to get herpes. Genital herpes is transmitted by sexual contact. It is also possible fetal transmission of HSV infection on mother-to-fetus.

How dangerous is herpes and is it worth it to treat

To distinguish herpes from other infection easily, first place the formation of rash, itching, redness, then vesicles. Herpes rash is quite painful, soon the formation is covered with a crust that makes you want to tear. You should not do that not to bring in the formed additional wound infection and not spread the virus and risk infecting others. If herpetic rash appears only on the lips at most 4-5 times a year, it is likely that disruptions in the body’s system no. And you can do drugs for quick relief of acute: is an antiviral ointments or creams, the use of which at the first symptoms of herpes often help to avoid the development of rash.

If herpes has already appeared, the use of ointment will help it heal faster. If herpes did not take place, as appeared again: rashes appear more often 5-6 times a year, it is necessary to undergo immunological testing. To reduce the number of relapses will help the antiviral therapy in pills or injections, diet, physical therapy. If herpes was frequently disturbed in the elderly, be sure to be surveyed: frequency of recurrence of herpes in this case may be caused by tumor process.

What to do if you “got” herpes: how to treat

Depending on the form of herpes infection, the specialist will recommend an ointment, pill or injection. To reduce pain and accelerate the healing process and avoid spreading the infection will help the following simple recommendations:

  • do not touch the rash hands, not siderite, apply medication with a cotton swab
  • during exacerbation of herpes refrain from kissing during genital from sex
  • don’t let the use of your mug, towel, etc. during exacerbation of herpes
  • take multivitamins and healthy food will help to heal the herpes sores.