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Cottage cheese diet: pros and cons

The closer the New year, the more there are thought to lose a few extra pounds. During the holidays I want to wear a beautiful outfit and look more fit and slender. Popularity in recent time gained protein diet, because this type of get rid of excess weight in a fairly quick time helps prevent strong feelings of hunger. Let’s talk today about this diet and its pros and cons.

Why cottage cheese diet?

Nutritionists say cheese as the “vitamin” dairy products: it includes the mass of nutrients. The curd obtained by fermentation of milk and is shown in many diseases – peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, high blood pressure, liver disease, heart problems etc. So to lose weight on this diet can not only completely healthy people.

Cheese is well tolerated and absorbed by the body, so it is very suitable product for the diet in order to lose weight. In order to fully satisfy the daily intake of protein, enough to eat 300 grams of cottage cheese a day. For permanent menu to use this amount of product not everyone can come, and for the temporary diet is good. Protein or protein that is a constituent element of cells and tissues, to the e cheese is easy to combine with other dietary products to get rid of extra pounds was not too boring and not diverse.

What nutrients is rich in cheese

The main ingredient of cheese is milk protein, which contains amino acids and is digested better than meat protein. Also, the cheese contains such necessary for the proper functioning of the body substances, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, b vitamins, vitamin a, etc. When you choose cottage cheese for diet, pay attention to its uniformity, the color of the cheese can vary from white to milky, the smell and taste should not be sour.

Dietary recommended low-fat cottage cheese: that is, it contains no fat product. Less than 3% fat mean that the product is low fat, 9% – in bold and the contents more than 15 % means fat cottage cheese. In cottage cheese diet the cottage cheese is the basis of the diet, and together with curd consumed vegetables, fruits and lean meats. For example, the first day of the diet is 200 grams of cottage cheese with fruit for Breakfast, steam or baked vegetables for lunch and lean beef with vegetable salad for dinner. A detailed diet menu and proportion of used products will help you choose a nutritionist.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cottage cheese diet

Cottage cheese diet is suitable as an option a short handling power, by which it is possible to normalize the metabolism, cleanse the body, normalize the metabolism of fatty acids and influence body fat. With this diet, as with other protein diets, it is possible to avoid feelings of hunger. But subject to cottage cheese diet is necessary to observe a drinking mode, since from the body active toxins and break down fat stores. If you want to lose weight with cottage cheese diet, don’t forget that cottage cheese diet – this protein mono-diet.

The more the curd is trying to diversify to other products, the less effect can be on this diet. Strict diet composed with a minimum number of additional products allowed for no longer than 5-7 days. Otherwise, the metabolic processes in the body are distorted so that they are difficult to adjust, which is dangerous to the development of irreversible processes. Therefore, cottage cheese diet for 2 or more weeks must be complemented with other products: the effect of getting rid of extra pounds will be slower, but you can lose weight with benefit, not harm to the body.