Dangerous cold or how not to miss the sinusitis

Changeable spring weather turns for many of us colds. We often supercooled in the morning, dressed not for the weather, and by the evening felt unwell, the whole group. It’s time to go to bed and drink plenty of warm drinks. But you move a runny nose (rhinitis) on his feet, considering it a frivolous sore. However, minor illnesses do not exist: each of them is a blow to our body. And untreated or incorrectly treated a cold or rhinitis may be complicated by inflammation in the sinuses – sinusitis.

Causes of sinusitis

Thanks to the paranasal sinuses (the sinuses) is performed a number of important for the human body mechanisms: locked penetrating with nasal breathing viruses and bacteria, warms the intake air, the sinuses also help to create the effect of resonance when speaking. Paranasal or maxillary sinuses – largest of paranasal sinuses. In addition to entering the nose along with the air of germs and viruses in the nasal cavity and sinuses, including can already be bacteria.

When a healthy person ill with SARS, it is important to treat the infection and to spare your body’s defenses are aimed at fighting the disease. Additional hypothermia will lead to further weakening of the immune system then creates favorable conditions for the growth of pathogenic microflora in the sinuses. The risk of the common cold to sinusitis increases. Besides, in some people, the risk of developing sinusitis caused by several factors:

  • This untreated carious teeth
  • Allergy
  • The injury of the nose or congenital curvature of the nasal septum
  • Chronic tonsillitis, adenoids and other inflammatory processes in the organs of the nasopharynx
  • Bad habits, especially Smoking.

Acute and chronic sinusitis: symptoms

For acute sinusitis is accompanied not only by the inability to breathe on their own, headaches, and a body temperature of 38 degrees and above. But often the disease is on the background of prolonged runny nose becomes chronic without high temperature and employees not measuring the temperature, may not even know about it a small increase to 37.2 degrees. And not always in case of sinusitis, and sinusitis, including increased body temperature. The “classic” symptoms of sinusitis are a feeling of tightness in the forehead and nose, pain in the temples and headaches in General, which intensified when tilting forward; the allocation of purulent character from the nose, appeared twang of voice, General weakness and deterioration of health.

How to treat a cold and prevent sinusitis

To less sick in General, it is important to have a strong immune system. For prevention of any ENT diseases should not only promptly cure colds, but also to take care of the oral hygiene to prevent caries, and chronic inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx, etc., Try not to SuperCool, especially if you have a cold. It is important to “rest up” at home, a full night’s sleep and to drink more warm water. If the disease has healed or health worsened again after recovery, headaches, purulent nasal discharge, nasal breathing is not restored, etc., it is important to diagnose and not to treat people’s methods.

To me, even if there is no high body temperature, warm up the sinuses and other warming treatments in the presence of purulent content in the sinuses may contribute to further spread of infection. Physical therapy or warming up may prescribe the doctor after the diagnosis and the elimination of the inflammatory focus. The sooner you consult a doctor, the greater the chances for a painless treatment of sinusitis at home under the guidance of a doctor.

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