Dark spots on skin: how to get rid of them?

With this long-awaited spring sun as well as freckles and pigmentation spots. In most cases, skin pigmentation in the spring caused by UV rays. But not only the sun provokes the appearance of age spots, as well as abnormalities or hormonal changes (pregnancy, for example). But uneven skin pigmentation can also be a symptom of diseases of internal organs or result from the use of poor-quality cosmetics. Therefore, before to rush to remove stains or to whiten the face, it is important to understand the cause of the violation of skin pigmentation.

What are age spots and why they appear

The most common spots are freckles, chloasma, moles, lentigines and so-called senile pigmentation of the skin. Freckles are often genetic trait in violation of pigment metabolism in the skin cells. The brighter sunlight and longer they affect the skin – the more freckles show through. Moles (nevi) are at each and the highest growth and the appearance of moles on the body happens in the puberty.

Chloasma is a yellowish-brown or brown spots with uneven edges that often occur on the face. A lentigo is a dark spot with sharp edges is formed on the skin at any age. After 45 years appear age spots: they can be caused by age-related changes in the body, and the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin young. In addition to prolonged sun exposure, age and hormonal changes, to the appearance of pigment spots on the skin can cause:

  • Skin injuries, frostbite, and burns
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), liver, gallbladder, kidney
  • The use of substandard or inappropriate you cosmetics, the fascination with peeling of the skin, which leads to disruption produced by the pigment melanin
  • A deficiency of vitamins, especially C, PP, and B9 (folic acid).

Pay attention to the diet and find out the cause of age spots

To determine the cause of the violation of skin pigmentation you can initially consult a dermatologist: a specialist will find out what kind of education appeared on the skin. If there are complaints of the digestive tract, you will need to consult a gastroenterologist, etc. Otherwise any treatments, bleaching, creams and masks will not bring the desired result. It is also important to balance nutrition to the diet was enough vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, beans, greens, eggs, lean meat. If you are often in the sun or fond of visiting the Solarium, it is important to reduce such “the sun” and to use protective agents for the skin.

Improper skin care is to understand the problem will help the cosmetologist. It is important to know what your skin type, what tools and components, even natural ones, can cause allergic reactions, contribute to clogged pores, etc. should Not buy cosmetics of unknown manufacture with the hands or with expired shelf life. As dangerous alone to squeeze pimples on the face, especially in the area of nasolabial triangle. Badly squeezed a pimple can lead to the ingress of infection and the development of severe inflammation, leave the stain on the skin or deep scars.

How to get rid of skin pigmentation at home

You can whiten the skin through a variety of masks from natural oils, products, etc. However, to do such mask it is possible only in the absence of face inflammation, pimples, scars, redness, etc. besides, homemade masks do not give the same effect as removing age spots from the beautician. Initially, it is important to follow the skin, do not forget to wash off makeup before bedtime, use is not only creams, but also tonic, lotion and other means to clean the skin.

To bleach the skin helps lemon and grapefruit, but dry and prone to redness skin wipe it clean with a citrus juice it is impossible. Lemon juice can be diluted with clean water 1:1. And it is better to freeze the grapefruit juice and gently wipe it ice freckles or age spots. Also, good effect gives the mask of white clay, cucumber, parsley.