Diagnosis of male infertility: why it is important to comprehensively surveyed?

Male infertility – the problem is quite common. Reasons why a couple cannot conceive a child because of health problems in men are numerous. But in most cases the woman cannot conceive because of poor sperm quality of her partner and reduce the sperm count. Thanks to modern methods of treatment of male infertility in most cases it is possible to solve the problem. But to find the true reason why a man cannot be the father depends on the correctly chosen treatment will help only a comprehensive diagnosis.

Causes of male infertility

The main violations of the sperm, leading to male infertility are violation of sperm motility (asthenospermia), their almost complete absence (azoospermia), reduced sperm count in the seminal fluid (oligospermia). As well as changing the very structure of the spermatozoon and a large number of non-viable sperm. To develop such violations lead external and internal factors:

  • Undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) and not carried out timely surgical treatment
  • Prostatitis, prostate adenoma
  • Sexual infections
  • Varicocele – varicose veins in the seminal canalize
  • Endocrine and serdechnososudistye disease
  • Weight
  • Bad habits – alcohol, Smoking
  • Chronic stress
  • Malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyle in General.

Modern methods of diagnosis of male infertility

To identify the true cause of impaired sperm must undergo a series of clinical examinations and General diagnosis, depends on the effectiveness of the treatment. If a couple having difficulty conceiving, should be examined both spouses: experts advise to start a survey with men and to go to the doctor andrologist (urologist). It is important to choose a professional clinic with experienced specialists: during the first carefully questioning the patient, the doctor may suggest the possible cause of infertility.

The first thing the specialist will take swabs to make sure that the patient has no infectious process (or confirm it). And will send a man to the study of semen parameters. It is the semen analysis will help to identify such deviations as violations of sperm motility, reduced their number, etc. for male infertility the use of such modern diagnostic methods as spermogram MAR-test, analysis of DNA fragmentation of sperm, etc. Also be sure to undergo hormonal screening: ultrasound of the scrotum and thyroid, if necessary – a biopsy of the testicle, etc.

How to treat male infertility

Therapy of male infertility depends on the root cause of the problem, which, as already mentioned, will help to identify only a comprehensive diagnosis. If the cause is infection necessarily assigned antibiotics. Omitting testis, inguinal-scrotal hernias, etc. Need surgical treatment of psychogenic causes of male infertility need help the therapist, who also may prescribe medication.

Spermatogenesis requires hormone therapy and overweight or obesity – diet, etc. Each case is unique, it is important not to delay the consultation and diagnosis, to treatment. In case of impossibility to correct the problem using the method of insemination – impregnating women artificially gathered in the laboratory with a male sperm.