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Early vegetables: vitamins or nitrates?

Already there is a brisk trade early “young” radish, cabbage and greens. However outwardly attractive and Mature fruit and greens is not a guarantee of quality and safety of products. Is it possible to remove the health benefits from eating early vegetables, without risking to be poisoned? You can, for this you should know the simple rules of buying fruits, vegetables, herbs and the methods of disposal of the fruit of nitrates.

What can be dangerous early vegetables

Vegetables from greenhouses and open soil differ not only in appearance but also in taste and chemical composition. For anybody not a secret that for faster growth of fruit, you use different fertilizer. The most popular nitrogenous compounds, which are used in the cultivation of vegetables is nitrates. They are a number of factors can be transformed into nitrites, hazardous carcinogenic substances. However, don’t blame it all on unscrupulous agronomists, because nitrates can accumulate in the fruit, not only in fertilizer, but also in the process of non-compliance with the temperature regime of the cultivation of vegetables, with poor lighting and a number of factors.

The most vulnerable to this “chemistry” are children (especially under 3 years), pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and people with chronic diseases. Therefore, this category of early vegetables is not recommended. Not everyone has a device nitrate, with which a quick rapid test to measure the level of nitrates in the product. And walk every cucumber or radish to the lab, too, because you won’t. It is therefore important to pay attention not only on the appearance of vegetables, but also to know in which parts of the fetus nitrate contains more than just how to handle the vegetables, and not to be shy and to demand from the seller the documents confirming laboratory examination of the goods.

How to choose early vegetables

Leaders on the accumulation of nitrates are leaf (young) cabbage, radishes, fresh herbs – dill, onion, spinach, lettuce. Less accumulate nitrates cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower, zucchini, carrots. And the third danger – peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes. When choosing vegetables pay attention to their appearance:

  • Don’t take too large and bright fruits
  • When buying greens and cucumbers, choose bunches and the fruits are dark green in color, pay attention to the cut of the greens – it needs to be fresh. Cucumber choose firm, thin skin
  • Early cabbage should be light, not very rigid, mould – shiny and bright green
  • When choosing radishes should not be taken too large fruit, the skin must be intact, without spots.

How to get rid of nitrates in early greens and vegetables

To reduce the possible harm of early vegetables will help their proper handling and storage. Any vegetables and fruit, regardless of season, should be thoroughly washed, and yellow or green part of the crop, if you throw the fruit the hand does not rise. To reduce the concentration of nitrates in fruits or greens, they can be soaked in cold water for 15-20 minutes, then drain the water and repeat the procedure.

It is not recommended to eat the stems of leafy vegetables and herbs, they nitrates the most: it is better to use twigs. Vegetables for salads, which will not be cooked, after soaking, it is recommended to sprinkle it with lemon juice or pomegranate acid helps to reduce the effect of nitrates. Cucumber and radish it is better to clean from the skin completely. Try to buy as many fruits as you enough to avoid long-term storage of vegetables even in the refrigerator. Also keep already cut veggies, try immediately to use them.

How to avoid poisoning by nitrates

To reduce the risk of poisoning early vegetables and greens to a minimum, don’t buy them: at natural markets, in transitions, etc, implemented on the official city markets and stores, have certificates of quality, so do not hesitate to demand from the seller the conclusion of the laboratory for sanitary-veterinary expertise. If after eating early vegetables you feel stomach pain, began vomiting and diarrhea, it is important to wash out the stomach, make the adsorbents (activated carbon) and to seek medical help.