Electronic cigarette: is there addicted to it?

Today quite popular and prevalent become the electronic cigarette manufacturers which often position your product as nearly harmless alternative to Smoking. But is it harmless electronic cigarette? Do they cause addiction and have negative health effects?

What are the characteristics of Smoking electronic cigarettes?

The main advantage of electronic cigarettes from it has no odor. In the result of the hands of the smoker don’t smell of tobacco. Also, smokers with experience note the disappearance of this unpleasant symptoms like shortness of breath, is constant fatigue, breathing becomes easier, the person does not turn yellow teeth. In addition, many people like the fact that this kind of cigarette is not yet forbidden to smoke in public places where conventional Smoking is taboo. But do not think that the electronic cigarette is a panacea for those who want to quit Smoking, but fails to do so. These products are not harmless and rather have a negative impact on the body.

The impact of electronic cigarettes on the body

To think about the dangers of electronic cigarettes makes the fact that they have not passed certification of the world health organization, and therefore not deemed safe. The greatest damage is done by the electronic cigarette, which the smoker fills with a liquid that contains nicotine. It is the nicotine provokes the following health problems:

  • the narrowing of the blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, strokes, thrombosis, etc.);
  • disruption of the normal functioning of internal organs;
  • mutation of cells that cause various diseases.

In addition, note that for electronic cigarette uses liquid that contains a pre-purified nicotine, the most harmful to humans. It is this kind of nicotine provokes:

  • allergies;
  • problems with respiratory function;
  • diseases of the throat and lungs (until cancer).

There are electronic cigarettes that use liquid without its content of nicotine. But their harm is also proved, because in these liquids full of unhealthy additives, flavorings that harm the human body.

If there is a dependence on electronic cigarettes?

Many are convinced that electronic cigarettes do not become addicted. However, this statement is totally wrong: this kind of Smoking appears both psychological and physiological dependence, and quickly. A person who smokes electronic cigarettes, filled with liquid with nicotine gets into the body of this substance as much as the traditional smoker.

Another point of view – the electronic cigarette helps you to gradually quit Smoking. Practice shows that this is not so: the electronic cigarette Smoking pleasure, there is an illusion of her safety, so leave this newly acquired habit is very few.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is just another addiction, of which it is desirable faster to get rid of. They are harmful to health, addictive and, moreover, their Smoking costs quite a lot. Therefore it is better to leave in the past and this addiction.


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