Emotional burnout – a problem of mental health

It often happens that the work which brings pleasure, it becomes a disgrace, the world around seems dull and meaningless, and life in vain. Absolutely no strength to get up from bed in the morning and go to work. It is nothing but emotional burnout is one and mental health of the person.

Stages of burnout

To ignore the symptoms of burnout in any case impossible, because it can lead to serious consequences up to a heart attack or suicide. Emotional burnout is exhaustion due to physical or psychological overload. The body simply can not withstand the pressure and it seems, abandoning the constant struggle. Most from mental health problems, suffer the representatives of the professions connected with constant communication with people. Doctors, teachers, social workers and various government agencies. Man is depleting the constant stress and tension, therefore, at risk police officers, firefighters, rescue workers. However, the present time dictates the conditions, so often prone to nervous breakdowns and apathy of the Director, representatives of the advertising business, the employees of large corporations and other companies in which the pace of work is very high and there is a system of constant deadlines.

Psychologists distinguish the following stages of burnout:

  • Voltage. The person feels dissatisfaction with his life or himself. She observed the anxiety, irritability, it too close takes all to heart.
  • Resistant. This is the second stage of burnout, when a person inadequately reacts to the smallest of domestic or work situation: suddenly a loud scream or cry, falls into a state of stupor, prostration, when you need to make a certain decision. It becomes difficult to joke, it is very painful as it is, makes a lot of mistakes in the work.
  • Chronic sleep disturbance. This is the most dangerous stage of burnout, when man can neither sleep, nor Wake up when it is needed. It has changes in blood pressure, headaches. Probable heart attack, total fatigue and depletion. At the end of this stage, there is an inevitable professional deformation, after which people will never engage in this activity.

How to deal with emotional burnout?

If mental health is broken, it should be treated. Doctors suggest the following method of dealing with burnout:

As in Finland. In this country it is customary to deal with such problems by means of a seal, when three days must lie down and do nothing. While a person is resting, both physically and mentally. After this experiment there is a high probability that a person will miss work, gain energy and strength.

As in France. It is proposed to deal with burnout through gardening. The man switches to a very different kind of activity: begins to plant flowers, care for them, switching from the sad thoughts.

In the United States. This method is called a kindergarten for adults. Anyone who is tired of life, are encouraged to play with dolls, toy cars, sleep at meal time, just to feel like a child. Perfectly relieves stress.

Important point – you should choose the method that are completely alien to people in everyday life.

To overcome the problem of emotional burnout in the first place, to change internally. Leave work at work, not to think about business during the holidays, to share professional and family responsibilities. And the main thing – to understand, not to deny the problem and, if necessary, time to ask for help.