Epilepsy is why there is and how to treat disease?

Epilepsy – a chronic neurological disease known to mankind since time immemorial. Its main symptom – seizures that are recurring. Why there is a disease which his symptoms and chances are there to overcome it?

What is epilepsy?

About epilepsy humanity knew long ago. According to legend, Julius Caesar still suffering from this disease. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was associated with witchcraft and called sacred disease. It was believed that the gods sends the disease in people who are unjust life. In the Middle Ages dreaded disease, but bowed to her. For many prophets and saints have this disease. At the present time epilepsy are fairly common disease of it affects about 40 million people in the world. 

Seizures – is the result of simultaneous excitation of neurons in separate areas of the cerebral cortex, the so-called epileptogenic focus. Causes of this cell are:

  • head injuries, such as concussion;
  • stroke;
  • meningitis;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • alcoholism (one in ten alcoholic eventually begins to suffer from epilepsy);
  • addiction;
  • genetic predisposition.

The vast majority of patients first attack occurs before the age of majority (18 years). Light epilepsy attacks may look like a short-term loss of communication with the outside world. This can manifest itself in twitching eyelids, face. Then it may suddenly stop or turn into a real, strong attack. 

During the attack the man did not realize and do not feel pain, it may take a few minutes at a time.


Before the attack, usually a person experiences a condition called aura. The patient noted dizzy head, slight auditory or visual hallucinations. Then may be loss of consciousness and appearance court. Seizures often admired all the muscles of the face, there is a risk of biting the tongue, inhalation of saliva with blood. After the attack a few minutes, the patient does not remember anything. 

Especially dangerous status epilepticus – a few large seizures of convulsions which follow one another without interruption. This deadly condition through which a person can die from lack of air banal.

If the patient began the attack, turn his head to the side to prevent stock up tongue and saliva – to get into the respiratory tract. Also, this provision helps to prevent falling into the airway of vomit and when they arise. Then it is necessary to call an ambulance, especially if the attack lasts long.

Treatment of epilepsy

After the first attack of epilepsy in life should immediately contact a neurologist, it can give referrals to epileptoloha, if there is a narrow specialist in this village. To accurately determine the diagnosis, the patient procedure conducted electroencephalography. To determine the location of epileptic focus, use methods of CT and MRI. 

Today epilepsy learned quite effectively treated. If you constantly take certain medications in 70% of cases can completely forget about the attacks. For this patient prescribed anticonvulsant medications that reduce the frequency or completely prevent the occurrence of seizures, as well as products that inhibit the transmission of nervous excitement. Effective perhaps surgery as accurately detected and cause epileptic focus of excitation in the cerebral cortex, and this place is operable.

Thus, although epilepsy and is considered a chronic disease, it is realistic to control. To this should promptly seek medical attention and follow its recommendations.