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Exercise after illness: how to get back in shape

Colds and other diseases suffer even professional athletes. Therefore, even with regular exercise, we are not immune from SARS, or food poisoning. In the spring, when the weather is still not quite “settled”, are included in the diet of seasonal foods, the immune system is weakened long winter, etc., the number of cases increases. Our task, therefore, if you are still sick – speedy recovery and the right to return to a regime of physical activity.

Ill tell the gym “no”

During his illness all the resources of the body aimed at combating viruses and microbes. If you start shipping more and exercise, you weaken your body’s defenses even more. Continuing the exercise, you risk aggravating the condition themselves contribute to the development of complications.
At the initial stage, when the symptoms of the disease has not manifested fully, you can still understand what’s going on: a slight discomfort or SARS. Physical loads during viral infection negative effect on the heart muscle.

You risk not only the most productive training, but also health. Besides, if the disease is of an infectious nature, then you are subjected to the danger of infection of others. Two to three missed exercises will give you the opportunity to recover, regain energy and power and will not affect achievements. And strain and overload on the contrary, will contribute to a more severe course of the disease, then you risk forced to postpone sports for a long time. To keep fit during mild cold, do morning or evening light workout.

The disease has receded: how to start physical activity

Immediately after the disease and doctors, and fitness instructors advise to start hard to catch up. Wait another 2-3 days after the temperature returned to normal and overall health was consistently good. Continue to drink plenty of fluids, take vitamins and eat rationally. To start training again to be with light loads and low intensity.

To strengthen the load important gradually, from lesson to lesson, if a person ignores these recommendations and began to do as before his illness, he runs the risk of rapid exhaustion and likelihood of recurrence of the disease. The first exercise you can begin at home: work out with my weight (not machines), “remind” the body what physical activities, so it will be easier to perceive in the future a more challenging workout.

Fans of “to drag iron”: what to pay attention

Returning after illness to the gym, spend enough time warming up and warming up muscles. Better to start with work with small weight and cardio training. So you will be able to sweat well, to prepare the heart and vessels to heavy loads, not driving the body in a lot of stress. If you don’t want to go to the gym then do squats, exercise, jump rope outside, since the weather requirements have been met.

Starting to work with heavier weight, do not attempt to lift the weight that you are “reaped” to the disease. First take the weight in 50% of the weight you used the last before the disease lesson on the second workout already use 70% of the weight. And only on the third go back to your usual normal. If you want to easily restore, then consult with the coach, what systems and products you can help: vitamin and mineral supplements, protein shakes, foods rich in amino acids, etc.