Fragile and brittle nails: what is the reason and how to strengthen

Nails – a marker of health, as the hair and skin. Thinning and brittle nails indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals, of pathological processes in the body. More than twenty diseases may lead to deterioration of the nails. Therefore, it is first important to find the cause, fix it, otherwise no amount of beauty treatments will not help.

Why “capricious” nails

If the condition of nails deteriorated or you have long been concerned about the problem of brittle and splitting nails, it is first important to either exclude or to find out whether this condition with the disease. Nails can break and split if you have problems with digestive organs, anaemia, hypovitaminosis is deficiency of vitamin D, iodine, calcium, etc., allergies and many other diseases. In such cases, comprehensive examination. However, the condition of nails also depends on several external factors:

  • Improper nail care, frequent use of aggressive varnishes, etc.
  • The use of household chemicals that damage the nails without gloves
  • Permanent hypothermia, in which issuepedia not only the skin but also the nails
  • Minor injuries, burns
  • Smoking.

What are the factors harmful to the health of nails
So, if the problem of brittle nails associated with a condition, then no amount of baths or creams will not save. Make gel manicures or acrylic nails, only temporarily to deceive themselves. First, such procedures harmful to the nail plate, secondly not figuring out the true cause of brittle nails you will exacerbate the situation if associated with vitamin deficiency or anemia. If the health will be all right, you can breathe a sigh of relief and pay attention to your habits.

So, the more cigarettes you smoke, the worse can be the condition of nails, not to mention other organs and systems. Before application of nail Polish is to apply a special protective agent. A quick-drying varnishes are more aggressive to the nail plate than normal. The dried nail Polish should be without regret throw away, and not to dilute the means for removing nail Polish or worse – paint thinner or acetone. Let’s from time to time for the nails to relax and varnishes instead of spoil them with baths, creams and masks.
Do not forget to use gloves when working with household chemicals, so you can protect the nails, and skin. And protect the skin from exposure to the cold, wear gloves. And when going outdoors, apply a protective cream for hands and nails including.

How to strengthen nails at home

After removing nail Polish and washing hands is useful to put on the nail plates not just a hand cream, and oil – olive, jojoba, castor, coconut. You can take a vitamin cocktail for your nails, mixing any of these oils, squeezed out from capsules of vitamin E and covering the nails and skin of hands. Top for the best effect you can wear special gloves and to wait 10-15 minutes or apply the mixture at night.

Useful for the condition of the nails bath of milk (it is better to take whole, not skim) and baths with sea salt. Will also help to improve the condition of nails after aggressive varnish or acrylic coating the mask of curd, oatmeal and chamomile flowers. If the nail is damaged or shellac-coating is removed correctly, you should visit a beautician. Maybe here not to do without special tonic for the restoration of the nail plate. Also, try not to forget a healthy and varied diet and, if necessary, take vitamin complexes and supplements.