From dementia to paralysis – the doctors called consequences of alcohol abuse

Alcohol is destructive to the human brain and leads to various diseases. One of the most serious alcoholic encephalopathy, which die or undergo degenerative changes in the neurons (brain cells). There is illness because of systematic abuse of alcohol.

Causes and symptoms of alcoholic encephalopathy

This disease is a complication of alcoholism. Its cause is the frequent consumption of alcohol in large quantities. And the stronger the alcohol the more the number, the earlier encounter this disease. How is manifested the disease? There are such symptoms:

  • Mental: poor memory and attention, loss of intellectual abilities, the deformation of personality, disturbance in the patient’s behavior.
  • Neurological: disruptions in the motor system, partial paralysis, convulsions, nervous tics, changes and dizziness.

Alcoholic encephalopathy develops unevenly in different alcoholics, some irreversible changes occur quickly, others it takes years of drinking.

Doctors say that the speed of the first symptoms of this disease affected by the presence of other ailments of the human nervous system: cardiovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, etc. They do encephalopathy more rapid.

Alcoholic encephalopathy is an acquired disease, it occurs purely because of the person: due to the long abuse his alcohol in large quantities. In fact, the patient himself is digging its own grave.

Diagnosis and treatment of alcoholic encephalopathy

The diagnosis of “alcohol encephalopathy” can put a doctor-a neurologist. It is important not to confuse the symptoms with manifestations of a stroke, because they are very similar. Such a mistake can cost a human life.

In a domestic environment can be suspected encephalopathy explicit changes in human behavior: he would have problems with coordination, even in a sober state, he will not find, will not focus in time. Also the patient may cease to recognize people.

If there is suspicion of alcoholic encephalopathy, we need to take the patient to the doctor. In fact in the early stages the disease is curable, but the last change will be irreversible.

Alcoholic encephalopathy be cured, but only in the initial stages of the disease. Need a complete refusal of the patient from alcohol, also used in intensive therapy. The mainstay of treatment of this disease with medication is a nootropic, dehydration, cardiovascular drugs, high-dose vitamin group B. the Treatment is carried out intravenously, called neurometabolic therapy. Normotimicescoe agent used to prevent seizures.
If the disease is run, no amount of therapy will not help the patient remain feeble-minded will be disabled.

If after treatment the person will again start to drink, all the results will be reduced to zero. The disease will soon appear again. To avoid this, you need to deal with the alcoholism effective drugs.

Alcoholic encephalopathy – is a vivid example of what can be reached without caring about their health and their own lives. Alcohol very detrimental effect on the human brain, it is necessary to remember, picking up a glass to drink.