Genital herpes: how dangerous such a “sore”

The risk of herpes infections, including genital, is often underestimated. Certainly, genital herpes is not as bad as syphilis or other sexually transmitted diseases. However, the flippant attitude to their health can lead to infection of the partner. And frequent recurrences of genital herpes – it is a signal that the human immune system is too weak. This “plague”, which many people do not attach importance to and believe symptom of a cold or hypothermia, it actually can greatly ruin your life and reproductive health.

How does the outbreaks of genital herpes

Medical statistics says that in Ukraine every fifth person is a carrier of genital herpes. Some of these carriers may not be aware about it. The disease causes the herpes simplex virus (HSV) the first and second types. Contracting genital herpes is possible with any unprotected sex, even if rashes on genitals are not. Because HSV is contained in the male sperm (this exists, by the way, the risk of Contracting the virus through artificial insemination), the virus easily enters the body not only through the mucous membranes of the mouth, lips, genitals, urethra and rectum, but also through the skin.

Less likely but not excluded household way of infection with herpes: towel, razor, underwear. Once infected, the person becomes a carrier of the virus for life, to get rid of HSV impossible. If a person has strong immunity, the appearance of the characteristic herpes painful blisters on the genitals is very rare. Frequent relapses may cause a decrease in the protective forces of the body, hypothermia and infectious diseases, chronic diseases, injuries, stress, frequent alcohol use, frequent unprotected sex (recurrent HSV), menstruation, hormonal disturbance.

How dangerous is genital herpes: do I need to treat the infection

If herpes is incurable, then why spend time and money on therapy, many people think. That is not quite true, because often a recurring rash on the genitals not only worsen the quality of life of the infected person – it can infect others. Herpes infection also can be transmitted to unborn child from a pregnant and serious abnormalities of the baby. Also genital herpes during pregnancy may even cause abortion or fetal death.

Erased form the genius of herpes occur not only in a rash, painful, itchy vesicles on the genitalia may not be. Of a latent form of the infection is evidenced by pain in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge that cannot be removed with antibiotics, the attempt to get pregnant or to conceive a child (herpes can lead to infertility). Not to mention the fact that the frequent recurrence of HSV affects the nervous system, the person is not sleeping, becoming irritable, his efficiency falls. Therefore, in such cases, you need to undergo laboratory examination by a gynecologist or andrologist, and antiviral therapy.

Prevention of genital herpes

All the more at risk of Contracting genital herpes and infect other people who have multiple sexual partners and don’t care about your and their safety. It is therefore important to use condoms if the partner has cold sores on the genitals, lips, skin – you risk becoming infected, better don’t settle for се5кс in this case. In the case of infection with HSV undergo the therapy should be for both partners. Boost immunity and reduce the frequency of relapses in existing HSV will help hardening, strengthening the immune system, sports, rational nutrition and rest.