Hair health: why is it important to choose the right comb

The condition of the hair and their appearance depends on the comb. Unsuitable for your type of hair comb, as well as improper brushing can lead to damage of the scalp, break the hair structure. Some of the combs electrify the hair, which leads to even greater entanglement. In the summer our hair is harmful sun, and autumn and winter – cold, wind and frost. Therefore, the correct comb – healthy hair and help to care for them at any time of the year.

Combs and brushes: metal, plastic or wood?

Preferred are products made of natural materials, the most popular of them is wood. They are more environmentally friendly than plastic or metal. It is important that the teeth of a comb were round, smooth and well polished, not to hurt the scalp. More useful for hair are not lacquered wooden combs: they are suitable for all hair types.

More dangerous to the hair can be a comb or a brush made of metal: often we use this comb I. Comb made of metal less electrifies the hair than plastic: when using wire brush please note the ends of the prongs. If they are not protected with special plastic tips, this comb is easy to scratch the scalp when combing.

Plastic combs and brushes are the most popular: they are easy to wash, they are affordable in price and attractive look. However plastic often electrifies the hair, especially long flat brush which curls stick. Brush with dense bristles made of synthetic materials are less electrify the hair.

Each type of hair in your comb or brush
Long straight hair easier to comb with the comb with a few large teeth. Long curly hair will help to “tame” silicone brush, which is easier to untangle tangled tresses. If the hair is thick and long, the most suitable brushes with natural bristles or soft rubber. This brush not only gently brush thick hair but also make self-massage of the head.

Round brush-rollers for combing of long hair, especially dry hair type will not fit the hair will cheat on them and get confused. And here is for drying, styling and creating volume is very even. To straighten hair when blow-drying is more convenient to use a comb with a small diameter.

How to comb and dry the hair

As already mentioned, the most “healthy” combs and brushes are recognized as products of natural materials. But you can overdo it, if you comb your hair too often or try to untangle the hair, leaning on a comb and literally tearing the whole strand. Contrary to popular myth, comb the hair for 20 to 30 times a day is not useful. Enough to comb my hair in the morning, before sleep and during the day 2-3 times to comb hair. If the strands are tangled, untangle them with your fingers, and not trying to comb comb.

That hair does not become brittle, not flogged at all, it is important to brush them correctly after washing. So, comb your hair follow, when hair is damp, not wet, so as not to injure them. In order to ensure that the hair remains healthy and shiny, it is important to:

  • start combing from the bottom of the curl, gradually rising higher. A strand of hair easier to comb, hold it at the base
  • if hair is too dry, to facilitate the brushing will help special balms, conditioners and sprays
  • don’t forget to wash your comb or brush with soap or shampoo regularly to remove her remaining hair.