Hangnails: how to preserve the beauty and health of your fingers?

Each person periodically there are burrs. Few people think about their meaning and the reasons of their appearance, because after a couple days they disappear. Meanwhile, the burrs are not as harmless as can seem at first glance. In addition to pain, discomfort and spoiled, these little noticeable flaws on the fingers without proper and timely treatments that can cause an abscess.

Burrs are one of those phenomena, which can eliminate forever today seems impossible. However, if you know the reason for their appearance, proper care and adhere to preventive measures, it is possible to provide the fingers beauty and health.

Hangnail is a symptom of disorders in the body

Hangnails (agnails) represent unpleasant feelings tears the skin around the nail shaft. It has long been known that skin is the external indicator of the internal environment of the body, clearly and instantly reflecting those or other infringements of work of organs and systems. Innocent, seemingly hangnail also indicate specific problems.

For example, upon detection of burrs on the fingers or toes, doctors recommend the patient to pay attention to your daily diet – apparently, the body lacks vital vitamins A and E. For this reason, the abundance of the Burr occurs in adolescence, when the body does not have time to provide the skin with essential elements. In addition, hangnails on several fingers indicate dysbacteriosis on the background of progressive diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The most common causes of hangnails is, of course, accidental mechanical damage to the skin of the fingers and toes and failure to comply with hygiene standards. Burrs in children is most often associated with typical kids and students a bad habit of biting your nails, and conscientious Housewives – with the abundant use of household chemicals without protective gloves. Although, according to statistics, dermatologists, burrs increasingly complain to the representatives of a strong half of mankind that cannot get rid of a bad habit of biting your nails and tear off hardened skin of his fingers.

As you can see, the prerequisites of such unpleasant phenomenon, as the burrs, quite a lot. They are all typical, familiar to everyone and yet easily disposable.

Hangnail: methods of treatment and prevention

Many of us in the form of annoying burrs come in a rage of anger and immediately deletes it, causing yourself pain and damage finger. They should not do that, the more dirty hands and nails! Because the probability of infection and injury to healthy tissue. Self-destruction in unsterile conditions is fraught with suppuration of the nail fold (“paronychia”) and inflammation of the finger (“felon”). Such advanced cases often require surgical intervention.

It is more expedient to conduct a safe removal of Burr by this algorithm:

1) warm bath: at first, painful fingers or toes chipped should be within 15 minutes to steam in a warm bath with baking soda or salt (1 tablespoon per 500 ml of water) with the addition of antibacterial essential oils of bergamot or lemon, rich in vitamin C (but may be replaced with any vegetable oil at home);
2) sterile removal: then you need to wipe nail nippers with alcohol and carefully cut the cuticle at the root;
3) processing: if you have rough skin around the nail plate (dead cells) you must carefully remove it by nail, pre-treated with alcohol, and wipe with a disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide);
4) hydration and nutrition: in the end you lubricate soothing, healing and nourishing cream for hands on a fat basis.

After removal to avoid re-occurrence of burrs should follow these preventive measures:

  • use rubber gloves during cleaning by direct contact with detergents, which can irritate and damage delicate skin;
  • constant use of antibacterial hand soap and a daily shower gel antimicrobial action;
  • periodic baths for the fingers of the hands and feet based on soda, sea salt, essential oils, which, thanks to gifts of nature heal faster and heal diseased skin;
  • periodic mask for the fingers of the hands and feet based on the healing flowers of aloe and Kalanchoe (the paste has antibacterial and wound-healing effect);
  • use only professional and pre-disinfected tools for manicure, which will reduce the risk of injury and infection;
  • daily application of nourishing cream for hands;
  • ongoing compliance with water balance – at least 2 liters of fluid per day;
  • enrichment of the diet with foods high in vitamin A (apricots, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, citrus fruits, eggs, dairy products), and E (nuts, vegetable oils);
  • a course of herbal remedies for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin, hair, nails: “Vitaderm”, “Chi-Klim – cream” tea “Glowing Skin”, which normalize the nutrition of the skin, reduce inflammation, promote rejuvenation, etc..

Thus, the care of fingers of hands and feet looks very simple, pleasant and useful, being a reliable protection from harmful burrs.


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