Healthy skin is possible at any age

To skin was beautiful enough to eat right, perhaps even more important inside than outside. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it protects the body from outside attacks of germs, bacteria and viruses. Simultaneously, the skin can not miss inside the body the number of useful, which we apply (smear, RUB, etc.) precisely because of its protective function. Therefore, it is important to realize that the beauty of the skin primarily depends on the internal health of the body, and it is directly from what we the body nourished.


So, remember the school course of biology and chemistry. Living cells feed on minerals and water. Body health needed vitamins. If the skin becomes dry, it appears redness, bumps, flaking, it is clear that something is wrong with the food, there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals (also called micronutrients). It is sufficient to read the recommendations of nutritionists and to eliminate from the diet all too fatty, sweet, salty, cured, and your body will thank you!

In the regions where it is difficult to create a balanced meal, come to the aid vitamins from the pharmacy. But don’t overdo them! The body produces nutrients in the metabolism and better for example, if the vitamin D will still come to you from a piece of fish, not from the pharmacy jars.

A sense of proportion and balance

Proper nutrition is not as difficult to follow as it seems. Around enough to know when to stop. For example, if you do not imagine your day without coffee, this does not mean that it should be abandoned. Caffeine is useful for muscles, for example. Do not forget – because under the skin are exactly the muscles and sagging skin often depends on what muscles have lost the elasticity. However, caffeine is useful only in small doses. That is, one or two cups a day will not be a burden to your health.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be ingested in the appropriate age and temperament doses. For example, a growing active body definitely needs animal protein, and for anyone useful red and yellow vegetables and fruits (containing beta-carotene, provitamin A). All minerals and vitamins are better absorbed with a sufficient amount of sunlight, because in the winter it makes sense to visit a Solarium. Not for tanning, but for health, – the minimum number of minutes per session.

Excessive diets are as harmful as unrestrained gluttony. The lack of fat in the diet will make your skin look dull. It should not be forgotten that the same calcium is better absorbed in the presence of fat in the diet, that is, the fascination low-fat dairy products – no more than fashion. After all, modern nutritionists say that low fat dairy is useless.

It is important for the organism required the presence of antioxidants and adsorbents – that will be a hindrance and slowing aging. Dark green vegetables and fruits will be a good help in the saturation of the body with antioxidants.

So remember – to have beautiful skin, we must:

  • eating helpful and balanced;
  • observe the measure in food and drinking pharmacy vitamins;
  • smile more often, because the hormones of joy and pleasure that is produced by the body will have a positive impact on the beauty of your skin.

Long women take care of the skin using herbs. They knew that plants have magical healing properties, and therefore used them to extend their beauty. Currently this is done by drug manufacturers. They offer women a ready-made plant complexes, which resist the skin aging: the “Vitaderm”, “Vitamet”,”Agrimony”, “Gotu Kola”, “omega Forte”. Cosmetologists are developing a whole series of creams: anti-aging “Chi-Klim”, “Chi-Klim Botoeffect”, “Laura”, etc.

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The true beauty of femininity, thus spoke the lovely Marilyn Monroe. All this is true, but if along with this your skin will be radiant with health, you will be doubly lovely and charming. Keep this in mind!


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