Hemangioma in infants how to treat, if you want to remove?

Hemangioma is a benign tumor, with whom the child or are born, or which manifests itself during the first 2 months of his life. According to statistics, 10% of newborn infants have hemangiomas. They often appear on the skin in a pain-less safe places away from mucous membranes and vital organs. But, of course, there are exceptions.

The nature of occurrence of hemangioma

Why hemangiomas occur, medical science still does not know exactly. Girls similar formations occur three times more often than boys. This is a benign tumor, which can be any size, flat or convex, may increase in width and depth. The main feature that distinguishes a hemangioma from other tumors – it is composed of cells of the inner surface of blood vessels (endothelium). In most cases, the hemangioma over time, a few years pass. It is therefore very important, in what place they originated and how big of a cosmetic defect in a child using them.

The mechanism of occurrence of the hemangioma following: the cells of the inner surface of blood vessels in the stage of formation of the cardiovascular system of the fetus somehow fall in the wrong direction, resulting in the skin or internal organs of the baby occurs the neoplasm. This benign tumor for some time growing and developing, and then in most cases samolikvidirovalsja (approximately when the child is 5-7 years).

If the causes of this phenomenon through the doctors is not clear, the factors that contribute to the occurrence of the hemangioma, they can be called. This:

  • multiple pregnancy, the presence of which is determined during a routine ultrasound;
  • maternal age over 38 years;
  • a baby is born premature (preterm infants hemangiomas grow 2-3 times faster than the kids who were born on time);
  • the child at birth has a low weight;
  • late toxemia in the mother (in 3rd trimester);
  • SARS mothers in the 1st trimester, when the fetus is formed in the cardiovascular system.

Sometimes, hemangiomas occurs several.

Phase of hemangioma development

In the standard scenario, a hemangioma develops in the following phases:

  • Phase appears at birth or 1-2 months after childbirth.
  • The phase of active growth – from the inception and up to 1 year.
  • Phase of suspension growth, a hemangioma does no longer increase.
  • The phase of reverse development of tumors is reduced.
  • Phase of involution – biological regression, disappearance (in children aged 5 to 10 years).

In 50% of cases the hemangioma disappears until the child is 5 years of age, 70% were 7 years of age. The other is completely deprived of this neoplasm to 9-10 years, with the exception of 1-2% of children. After its resorption hemangioma does not appear again.

To remove or not?

Unfortunately, medication to cure hemangioma impossible. On the basis of the facts given above to remove the hemangioma is not necessary, because with great probability she will be alone. However, there are cases when surgical intervention is indispensable. To remove worth it if:

  • Hemangioma brings significant psychological discomfort to the child. It can be located on the face and considerably spoil the appearance of the child, for it may be a tease at school and in the yard. Then parents need to weigh everything and decide whether to wait, or perhaps it is better to get rid of the problem.
  • Hemangioma formed on the mucous membranes, around the eyes, mouth, nose, anus, genitals. During the phase of growth, it may significantly damage the functions of the organs which is very life threatening.
  • Hemangioma appeared in the place that is easy to injure.
  • Hemangioma continues to grow in a child who is now 2 years old.
  • The hemangioma disappeared after the onset of the age of 10 the child.

Removal of hemangiomas using a variety of methods that depend on their localization, size, structure. The most common sclerotherapy, laser removal, cryosurgery. These modern methods allow to remove the tumor without leaving the skin visible scars, of course, if you use high-quality surgical equipment.

If the child had a hemangioma, there is about a 99% probability that it will resolve on their own, and it will be no later than 10 years. However, there is the opportunity to wait or better to delete? These issues must give a balanced response both parents and doctors. Today’s level of medicine gives a lot of scenarios.