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Himself, not the doctor why the medications and herbs should be prescribed by a doctor

Catching a cold or tired from bouts of heartburn, we are not always in a hurry to go to the doctor for help. In most cases, the man himself, not having medical knowledge and skills, puts a diagnosis and sent to the pharmacy for medicines. Also there is a perception that harm to health is possible only when self-treatment pills, but herbal treatment – simple and “grass” the human body only benefit. However, self-medication, as herbs and medical drugs without knowing the side effect, the desired dosage, the characteristics of the organism, etc. can not only aggravate the condition, but to get to the intensive care unit, not to mention more than the sad consequences.

Pharmacology, therapy and the principles of prescribing physicians

How did the doctors manage to treat patients? Earlier, until the mid-20th century, doctors and researchers have been guided by empirical (trial) treatment. The most cases, this therapy does not have solid evidence, ended in tears for patients. Approaches to treatment changed radically, when they were discovered and investigated pathogens, studied in detail the basic pathological mechanisms in the human body, while the pharmaceutical industry has made real progress in its development. Today, 16 September, the day of the pharmacist, which in Ukraine is celebrated every 3rd Saturday of the first month of autumn: with the development of the pharmaceutical market we have plenty of affordable and effective medicines.

But uncontrolled taking them – is akin to therapy of the last century. The modern physician when choosing treatment for a patient and assigning a particular medication, based not only on their medical experience and knowledge, but also on the state standards and clinical guidelines. The basis of such standards and protocols – prescribing, which is already recognized as an efficient and clinical effect of which has been proven.That is, the specialist prescribes you the drug, based on the fact that this medicine has passed all the important research and proved its effectiveness. Many of us in this or that health problem go to the pharmacy and buy a drug that was widely publicized on television or guided by the advice of friends, relatives or neighbors, “which helped.”

What are the dangers of self-medication with herbs and medicines

Many of us think of spending time visiting doctors stupid: I read the manual, sat on the Internet on forums, listened to a neighbor and found a solution. The experts say when self-medication has not helped. In the end, the doctor is faced with an already running disease to treat which is much more complicated. Medication that a person decides to adopt, relying only on your own beliefs, may not provide a therapeutic effect. In the end not only deteriorates health, but also a high risk of wasted funds.

Any remedy, whether it be pills, syrups, or medicinal herbs, are composed of potent tools and produces a side effect. People will not be able to pick up what is needed in his case the dosage because it failed inspection, not tested, etc.

Advice to lovers of self: what is important to remember

If all the above did not convince you, then listen to following the doctor’s recommendations and try to draw the appropriate conclusions:

  • when taking most medicines do not drink alcohol. And not always in the instruction about it it is told
  • absolutely safe for health, a pharmaceutical does not exist
  • not all medicines are compatible with each other
  • self medication during pregnancy can lead to the development of pathologies and malformations in the unborn baby.