HIV/AIDS: how to protect yourself from deadly infections

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) – the last stage of HIV infection. The disease leads to death because the human immune system loses its ability to resist any disease. Leads to AIDS if left untreated the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), in which the immune status is so diminished that to cope with the simplest infection the body is not.

All the world – to fight AIDS

AIDS is called the plague of the XX-Hhsite: medicines, is able to fully save humanity from HIV / AIDS are still not invented. The first case of HIV was registered in 1980 in the United States. Since then, the world was gripped by an epidemic of HIV every hour, according to the who (world health organization), the world become HIV-infected about 300 people. 36 years since diagnosis of the first case of HIV in the world has infected over 70 million people. Every day from AIDS in the world kills more than 5,000 people over the last 30 years from the disease had died about 30 million people around the world.

In Ukraine the situation is quite alarming: despite the fact that in the current year, the mill was recognized as the best in Eastern Europe on HIV/AIDS, the disease has reached epidemic proportions. The world community is trying to attract more attention to the epidemic of HIV and annually, December 1 marks the Day of fight against AIDS. On this day in the world is a mass of information events on the spread and transmission of HIV infection, offers free, anonymous AIDS testing, etc.

How is HIV infection

Contracting HIV infection from an HIV patient man, regardless of the stage of the disease. The virus is only contained in the biological liquid of the organism: it is primarily blood, cerebrospinal fluid, vaginal secretions, breast milk, ejaculate. In human saliva and urine also have a small amount of the virus, but its concentration is not sufficient to infect another person. Contracting HIV through:

– unprotected sex with a sick person. This way of HIV transmission in Ukraine takes the leading positions;
through the transfusion of blood (hematogenous route);
– use of contaminated medical instrument;
– needle syringe, which is used by drug addicts in injecting drug use: the route of transmission is also very common;
– failure to observe the hygienic rules (asepsis) in tattoo parlors in the tattooing and piercing;
– using the razor or toothbrush which might be particles of the blood of an infected person;
– from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

How does HIV/AIDS

Depending on the stage of the disease manifested symptoms of HIV infection. After about a month after infection can be distressing headache, fever, malaise, sore throat and other cold symptoms. You may also see the rash on the body. In most cases, the process of infection and development of disease is asymptomatic. In the absence of treatment, HIV is increasingly weakens the immunity and begin to show new signs of disease:

– weight loss;
– weakness and then sharp deterioration of health;
– enlarged lymph nodes;
– there is a diarrhoea (diarrhea);
– keeps low-grade fever (37-37,5 degrees);
– plagued by periodic bouts of coughing.

By weakening the immune system appear all the more serious illnesses and the person is no longer able to resist infections. HIV patients are developing fungal infections of skin, mucous membranes and internal organs, develops cancer, there is tuberculosis. The disease passes into the last stage – AIDS and the sick person dies from a “bouquet” of diseases which the immune system no longer applies.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS

Important methods of HIV prevention are:

– educational work with the population on ways of HIV/AIDS;
– refusal of sex with random people and condom use;
– implementation of control over blood;
– severe treatment tools;
– prevention techniques in the environment of injecting drug users;
– promoting healthy lifestyle and raising awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

To test yourself for HIV/AIDS can only be passed to a blood test in the hospital and after a quick test in a special paragraph of anonymous diagnosis. Remember that only the use of a condom at Erma sex can protect you from HIV infection, other methods of contraception in this case do not apply. Upon detection of HIV infection or suspicion of the disease should immediately seek medical help. Only the timely treatment and observance of all doctor’s recommendations will help to improve further the prognosis of the disease and prolong life.