How does the lack of long sunny days on the feeling?

We used to dump responsibility for their bad mood on the weather. Once it becomes cloudy or raining, a person starts depressed and sad. But you wondered how this approach is objective or subjective?
We will try to answer this question and give some advice on how to have a good mood in any weather and give the body the necessary forces for productivity.

Observations of scientists

Sun for people – an integral part of life. Therefore, the first scientist, scientists and doctors do not even come up with the idea to investigate its impact on human activity, and especially its emotional state. The first discovery was made by accident. Employees Psychiatric Hospital found that patients with bipolar disorder with windows overlooking the sunny side, give more positive results in treatment.
After this has been done a lot of research and discoveries that helped to understand how large and diverse impact is our sun.

What processes in the body affects the sun?

To begin, specify that the human body affects two types of rays, infrared and ultraviolet. They have different physical properties and different nature of the effects on the body:
  1. Infrared rays create a feeling of warmth. They penetrate the skin superficially, but bring many benefits. Under their influence dilate blood vessels, improving blood circulation and invigorate thermoregulating system.
  2. Ultraviolet rays cover a larger range of action. Under their influence synthesized vitamin D and melanin. These detrimental effect on most species of pathogenic bacteria.
Sunlight helps in the synthesis of melatonin, which is responsible for the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythms). Therefore, when the number of hours of sunshine decreases, these stray rhythms and harmony is disturbed. Also, a short daylight helps slowdown of metabolism and decrease in vitality.

Effect of vitamin D on health and health

When people talk about vitamins, the vitamin D mention among the latter. This underestimation of risks result in many negative effects, including:
  • reduce calcium absorption, which in turn leads to reduced bone strength;
  • deterioration of the hair, nails and skin;
  • general deterioration of the immune system;
  • worsening of mood, in extreme cases – depression.
This vitamin is actively involved in the synthesis of the enzyme tyrozynhidroksylazy. And he, in turn, is indispensable in the development of “happiness hormone” serotonin and dopamine, as well as adrenaline and noradrenaline.

How to help the body if cloudy days delayed?

Although vitamin D in food is in small doses, they should be included in the diet. This egg yolks and milk. If there is a desire and opportunity, go for several sessions in the solarium.
But the best way out – take a course of vitamins. They satisfy your body biologically important substances necessary for the normalization of life processes. Your mood and well-being will improve and be much easier to wait until the first rays of spring sun.
The lack of bright sunshine depressing effect on our well-being and health, but with the help of vitamin complexes can improve their condition.