Dietology and nutrition

How to arrange unloading of the body without fasting

In the period from late November to January 6, many people observe advent. However, not everyone can be fast because of health status or people just do not consider it necessary to adhere to a religious position. But to unload the body, removing toxins toxins in anticipation of the new year I want to. Here come to the aid of the advice of nutritionists about how to arrange to itself unloading without strict diets and religious overtones.

Who do not to fast and to sit on a hard diet

Those who have never sat on a long diet, I have not tried to abandon the consumption of food of animal origin should be understood, can it do to limit yourself in a number of products? Therefore, nutritionists say that fasting, long-term diet or “treatment” of the hunger strike is generally contraindicated for:

  • pregnant and nursing women and children up to 12 years
  • teenagers during exam periods, sessions, and other mental stress
  • before the planned surgical treatment (after a special diet, but not starvation)
  • in Oncology
  • in diseases of the digestive system – peptic ulcer, gastritis, heartburn
  • in anemia (anemia) and other blood diseases
  • during extreme physical exertion
  • older people, especially the tendency to osteoporosis
  • if you have diabetes.

Fasting day once a week is a long diet

One fasting day a week will help to remove a couple of extra naidennykh pounds, get rid of heaviness in the stomach, fatigue etc. If you are overweight or obese, a fasting day will not solve the problem. Will need a range of activities: medical check-up and identify the true causes of excess weight, correction of nutrition, physical activity complex, etc. But regardless of your body weight to hold such cleaning is useful to the organism (if no contraindications). To achieve a visible effect fasting days should be regular – once a week instead of once in six months and be combined with other treatments such as sauna, pool, massage.

Wish just feel easier to unload and lose a couple of kilos, nutritionists recommend to take the post of the recommendations. Namely, gradually eliminate from the diet of fatty and fried meat dishes. No less delicious, but more useful would be oven baked chicken breast or fish instead of fried in a skillet of pork steak. You can try for some time excluded from the diet and meat products, leaving it from animal products eggs, dairy, honey. And sweets and candy to replace the dried fruits and nuts.

Vegetarian menu – not hunger: interesting recipes

To make your diet menu more delicious and varied will help vegetables, herbs, spices, mushrooms, non-traditional for some cereals or legumes – lentils, chickpeas, beans, couscous, etc. Lentils today you can buy at an affordable price in any supermarket or even to take on the market in bulk amount you need.

Lentils cooked quickly and in half an hour you can prepare a hearty and tasty dish. It will also need garlic, sweet pepper, vegetable oil, leeks, curry, paprika or black pepper bitter. While in salted water boil the lentils (500 ml per 50 grams of cereal) for 2-3 minutes to fry in a pan garlic (2 cloves), sweet peppers (2 pieces), leeks (1 stalk). Then pour into the pan svalivsheesya the lentils and sprinkle with paprika, curry or bitter pepper, stir and saute for about a minute.

Turn on your imagination: the meat in the soup or broth can be replaced by beans and beans, the rice to use mushrooms, also useful to store-bought sauces and ketchup to substitute spices based on vegetable oil, spices and bits of roasted vegetables.