How to avoid the flu and protect yourself from colds?

Unfortunately, constant “companions” of the autumn-winter period are frequent colds and flu. This is not surprising because the temperature in the range from -5 °C to +5°C is ideal for the development of viruses, the human body loses a lot of nutrients and minerals, the immune system is compromised as a result — runny nose, sore throat and fever. The situation is compounded by the fact that many of us have to use public transport, to eat, to work in a large team. There is a risk of “catching”an infection is very high. How can we protect our body from diseases? Is there any truly effective methods?

Very often feeling the first symptoms of a cold, we rush immediately to protect your body with the help of antivirals. They cope with their task or are just a weak consolation for ourselves? As practice shows, effective and as safe as possible for our body antiviral drugs do not exist. And instead advance to pull the hand to the first aid kit, it is much better to take care of prevention of colds.

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Prevention of flu and colds

Rethink your diet. The immune system largely dependent on gut microbiota. Do not skip morning meal. And try to eat for Breakfast very useful for the digestive system meals: freshly cooked porridge (especially buckwheat and oatmeal), whole wheat bread, greens and fruit. As beverage is good to drink broth hips, tea with honey and raspberries, berry fruit drinks with added sugar or honey.

Try to avoid close contact with sick people. Cold if someone in the household, do not use this period of one utensils, avoid physical contact and try to spend leisure time in different rooms and don’t forget the gauze bandages. If exposure can not be avoided in the workplace, do not get close to him don’t talk one the phone and use personal stationery.

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Ventilate the room and moisten the air. Flu viruses the most beneficial feeling too low (less than 30%) and very high (over 80%) air humidity in the room. So try under normal weather conditions to ventilate the room at least 2 times a day for at least 10-15 minutes. If possible, buy a humidifier. If this is not possible, arrange the room in an open container with water which should be changed periodically to prevent propagation of fungi. And try as much as possible to walk in the fresh air.

Disinfection. Wash your hands several times a day, do not touch once again with fingers, use special disinfectant gels and wipes.

Drink a course of vitamins and herbal remedies. In winter and late autumn, when our body is not getting fresh vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the right quantity, it is important to further strengthen its protective function. The most simple and affordable method – a phytocomplex for prophylaxis of immunodeficiency: “Phytoprotection viral and infectious diseases”, “Trysil”, “Simonal” and so forth.

A positive attitude. In times of stress our body more susceptible to viruses. So try to think of yourself less nervous, and create the atmosphere for a good mood. Take aromatic baths, exercise, socialize with friends or to organize romantic weekend. Positive emotions reduce stress hormones and thereby boost immunity.