How to become a beauty for the summer: 10 recipes

It is believed that the cold season affects the female beauty, since it requires comprehensive care. What treatments are the most effective in the spring?


1. Moisturize the skin

You should abandon heavy nourishing creams. In the spring, our skin requires more hydration. Use masks, serums and moisturizing creams that contain chitosan and hyaluronic acid. These components are most effective.

2. Sunbathe in moderation

Ultraviolet light has a positive effect on the skin, “dries” various rashes and removes their causes. It is not necessary to sunbathe to people who immediately appear freckles. They definitely need to use creams with sunscreen.

3. Do not overdo it with the salon treatments

In the spring, when the sun is very active, it is not recommended professional care (masks, cleaning, massage and injection). Even at home, use the most gentle care alcohol-based remedies that dry out the skin, should be postponed until the autumn.

4. Make fruit mask

Best cosmetic procedure in the spring and a homemade mask of fresh fruit, berries or vegetables: cucumbers, strawberries, etc. These masks tone the skin, lighten age spots and even the complexion.


Take care of the hair

1. Trim the ends

Over time, the hair appears dry ends, which are unsightly. They are confused by scratching, and this can harm healthy hair. So every 1.5 months be sure to trim the tips of the hair.

2. Use advanced tools

The mask from yogurt or washing the hair decoction of nettle give the effect of only a couple of hours, because natural remedies are almost never penetrate into the hair follicles. So compared with “grandmother’s recipes” win a special modern drugs.

3. Do SPA treatments

The most effective of them – reducing treatments when the hair is coated with keratin, silicone or oils. Thanks to this procedure, the hair becomes more strong and hydrated.

Body care

1. Massage

Manual or hardware massage improves metabolism, which promotes weight loss and relieves nervous tension and fatigue and increases efficiency.

2. Go to the sauna

A visit to the steam room provides an excellent cosmetic effect. In the bath or sauna opens the pores, cleanses the skin from grease and dead skin particles. With the addition of steam improves blood circulation and microcirculation of the skin, smooth’s fine lines.

3. Complete water treatment

Hot tubs and baths with pine extract or sea salt tone the skin and promote the breakdown of fat cells, giving the effect of lymphatic drainage and remove excess fluid from the body. Eventually the body loses weight and the skin is tightened.

To care for the body, face and hair will also help the different plant complexes, thanks to which the skin becomes more elastic, the hair is strong and beautiful, the figure will be tightened. These herbal remedies improve metabolism, contribute to weight loss and take care of your beauty. Particularly noteworthy Tropicana slim Green coffee for weight loss, Lotus weight loss, MKC, burdock Oil and Vitaderm.