How to deal with dry skin in the winter: tips dermatologists

In winter our skin becomes drier and requires more attention. Frost, low temperatures, humidity, lack of vitamins etc. will affect any type of skin. Especially suffer in the winter, people with dry and sensitive skin, feeling its excessive dryness, tightness, flaking and irritation.

Why the skin becomes problematic in the winter

Often in winter the skin begins to dry and becomes rough. This is caused by the fact that they violate the natural barrier film that protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences. This film consists of sebum produced sweat and moisture. Break the natural film not only low temperatures, humidity, and cold wind, and improper skin care.

In the winter we often have catarrhal infections, eating junk food, lack of vitamins and minerals. All this is also reflected in the condition of the skin, further destroying its natural protective barrier. If the skin does not help, it is rapidly dehydrated, losing moisture. Also on the surface of the skin accumulate dead skin cells, excessive dryness of the skin increases the risk of cracking: small fissures can get germs and cause inflammation.

Some negative factors harmful to the skin, it is important to avoid

If excessive dryness of the skin bother you all year round, not just winter, then deal with the situation, to find the true cause of the problem and to pick up personal care skin help dermatologist. During winter, it is important to avoid a number of factors and situations which lead to additional skin problems is:

  • Improper care – for example, the use of funds for oily skin if you have dry skin, rough skin etc
  • The lack of basic hygiene
  • Washing with too hot water, excessive scrubbing, use of rough towels, etc.
  • The habit of using household chemicals (washing dishes, etc.) without gloves or the application of protective agents on the skin
  • Poor quality clothes: tight shoes, synthetic underwear too tight hats, gloves, etc. breaking the heat transfer and cause irritation of the skin on various parts of the body.

How to help the skin alone

Remember that to care for the skin should according to its type. But in the winter any skin type requires gentle cleansing when returning home and applying protective equipment before going out on the street. So, clean your skin better thermal water or tonic, not containing alcohol lotions. Morning is better not to use mousses or gels for washing, which destroy the natural protective layer of the skin. Such tools are best to use before bed that night the film on the face recovered. In the morning you can just wash broth chamomile or wipe the face tonic.

Moisturizers should be applied in the evening, when to go out you no longer plan. In the morning, apply a nourishing cream or oil, and then the protective agent. Remember that careful attitude also needs the skin of the hands, feet, elbows. Very often in the winter dries the skin on the shins, so cosmetologists recommend oiling warming massages. It is important to observe the drinking mode, and in the winter is not only the vitamin tea, but also clean drinking water. Try to minimize the usage of hair dryers, hand dryers, and bad habits, especially Smoking.