How to detect cancer symptoms of cancer disease

Cancer is a serious disease that can develop in various organs or tissues. The symptoms of this disease can be very different and can imitate other diseases. Conversely, lighter disease may have similar cancer symptoms. Nevertheless, oncologists talking about a number of symptoms characteristic for Oncology. If you listen to your body and consult a doctor, it is possible to identify cancer at an early stage and in time to stop him.

Pain: you should be alerted

Oncological diseases are manifested by local symptoms (the tumor) and the common symptoms that manifest in the form of disorders in the metabolic, nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Oncologists say that the pain appears already in advanced stages of cancer when the malignant process involved nerve endings. And in the early stages of cancer a person can feel pain or “strange”.

It can be a discomfort in a body part or organ, frequent feeling of heaviness in the head, which is blamed on the weather or magnetic storms, etc., for Example, brain cancer is often accompanied by prolonged headaches, dizziness, fainting. For cancer of the digestive organs often develop anemia (anemia), which is accompanied by weakness, fatigue. With the defeat tumor liver tissues disturbed metabolism, etc.

Weight loss isn’t always a symptom of the terminal stage

It is believed that a person with cancer begins to rapidly lose weight when the cancer is already incurable. In fact, oncologists have noted that a significant reduction in weight within 2-3 months without apparent reason is one of the early symptoms of cancer. We are talking not about drastic weight loss for a week or two, and a steady weight loss over a longer period of time without dieting or intensified physical exertion.

Many people tend not to give this symptom values and blamed everything on stress or family conflicts. Meanwhile, the tumor affects the metabolic processes in the body. In addition to weight loss reveals a number of characteristics associated with the release into the body of waste products of the tumor. That is, the signs of intoxication that a person has with infectious diseases or poisoning, can also be symptoms of cancer is:

  • nausea
  • weakness
  • elevated temperature (37.2 degrees in average).

What to do when such symptoms and how not to panic

If these symptoms are felt, then the best way to protect your health – get tested. Initially you can refer to the intelligent physician or family doctor. The specialist will collect all your complaints and figure out what kind of survey or help narrow specialist may be necessary. Maybe you are completely healthy, just being paranoid.

For a start, even biochemical blood analysis will show whether health or not. If necessary, you may need a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammography (for suspected breast cancer), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, etc. If you have a material possibility, we can do a screening of the whole body. Important when you have any symptom not to be afraid and to know its reason. The earlier the diagnosis and the disease is detected the better the chances for a full recovery!