How to enlarge breast without consequences: expert

Practically every woman at least once in your life wondered to get breast implants. But how to choose implants? How to avoid ruptures of breast implants and other possible complications?

On this and many other told the plastic surgeon specialized clinic “Good forecast” Sergei Kilo.

Sergey, where during surgery, the breast implants inserted?

– Depending on indications, implants are placed either under the muscle or under the gland. These two options are divided further into many sub-options: you can put partially under the gland and partially under the muscle or under the fascia (film that covers the muscle), etc.

How to avoid situations where implants explode or be toxic?

– Unfortunately, practice shows that to come across such implants. But a lot depends on who is the manufacturer of breast implants. Most often substandard implants occur in lesser-known producers. After all, the world is not so many firms that produce this specific products. There’s the oldest, long-established, firms that produce implants since 1962. And there are unknown companies that have no long-term observations for these implants, but they are cheaper. If you chase the cheapness, in the end you can get a low-quality product.

And it happens that implants do not survive?

– Yes, it happens. The patient before surgery familiarize with all list of possible complications, and I have to say, the list is long. Then the woman signed that she had read.

That is, no guarantees?

Who can guarantee or know in advance how the human body reacts to a product?! I’m not God!

And there are times when the gel from breast implants “walks” through the body, and then doing multiple operations to remove it…

This is called polyacrylamide syndrome, when you enter a shell-less gel. He has the ability to migrate, to move around the body.

So it is normal and acceptable worldwide?

– In fact, it is forbidden everywhere, except for Ukraine. Today, anywhere in the world operation using such a gel is not made. Well, with the possible exception of some third world countries and the underground doctors. Because officially it is forbidden. And in Ukraine there is only a recommendation: “do Not enter into the mammary gland shell-less gel.” Official regulations prohibiting such a procedure, no.

Moreover, the entire polyacrylamide gel and some of its derivatives has been developed in Ukraine.

Today, plastic surgeons around the world already know about these complications after such operations and consider how to reoperate these patients and remove their body from the gel. This is a very big topic that is raised at every conference.

And initially, it turns out, nobody knew that such a gel has the ability to migrate?

– The fact that plastic surgery is the youngest field of medicine. She has begun to be applied only at the end of 1940-ies. In plastic surgery, every year there are some new discoveries, but unfortunately, no long-term observations. And medicine requires extensive research and observation of results.

But what about this gel was tested?

Because the introduction of this gel in a small volume for a 5-year period, as a rule, pass without consequences. More than 5 years and in large volumes it starts to actively migrate. It turns out that a while watched patients, like everything was normal. And then it was found that this gel gives such complications… and Therefore become everywhere forbid the introduction of this gel in the Breasts.


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