How to get out of the post so as not to provoke diseases of the stomach?

During fasting the human body gets used to one type of food, cease to produce the enzymes involved in the digestion of animal proteins. To give the digestive system a chance to work in a normal rhythm, the output of the post should take one to two weeks.

General rules out of the post

Remember the basic rules that will help the body gradually and without harm to health to leave the post and return to a normal diet:

  • Easter morning you can start with a vegetable juice. Then the stomach is prepared to digest heavier food.
  • In the first few days eat small portions, do not need to eat for once.
  • In one meal, eat only one protein product.
  • Alcohol is better to move on then. It is permissible to drink 50 grams of dry wine.
  • Forget for a while about fast food. In addition to traditional snacks is not recommended also use cookies, carbonated drinks, coffee, pasta and fried potatoes.
  • Take yourself yogurt, preferably homemade. It is better to make yogurt unsweetened and minimally greasy. Probiotics will help your digestive system return to normal operation.
  • To need to try everything that is on the table. It is better to enter into the diet of usual food gradually.
  • Give your body the opportunity to adjust to a new diet, do not use enzyme products.
  • To the gastric juice elaborated more active, eat seasonings, broth and pickles.

Rules regarding individual products

The products in the post were unavailable, you need to eat a little without overloading the digestive system with them.

Eggs. Maybe it’s hard to resist the temptation to play chops at Easter, but in the early days of withdrawal from the post it is better to eat a day not more than two eggs.

Belt. Celebratory cakes are baked by generous recipes. In the list of ingredients includes butter, egg yolks etc. So one serving of this baking may contain the daily norm of calories. In order not to stress the digestive system, it is better to eat cakes baked a few days ago.

Meat. You need to start with low-fat species, such as chicken breast. Be sure to eat it with vegetables. A 6-8 day you can try rabbit, kachalino, beef. In cooking generously, use lemon juice.

Fish. Better, if instead of meat, you start to taste the fish. The best option – marine lean fish, baked in the oven with aromatic spices.

Fruit. These products are filled with fiber, are very useful in this period. But there is an exception – fibrous (pineapple, etc.) and citrus, their uptake is bad. Also, while under the ban of acidic fruits and vegetables.

Dairy products. Besides yogurt, eat cheese and also yogurt. They will accelerate the adaptation of the organism to not lean food.
Listen to the advice, and create yourself a holiday without discomfort in the stomach and intestines. But most importantly – listen to the reactions of his body.