How to get rid of wrinkles: 5 ways

In the spring, all women want to improve their appearance and, in particular, to get rid of wrinkles to look younger and more attractive. Modern medicine and cosmetology offer a variety of ways to wrinkles, ranging from innocuous masks and ending with the radical methods of plastic face.

Consider the most modern and popular methods of fight against wrinkles:

1. Laser rejuvenation – is a procedure which helps to get rid of wrinkles. This method is very fond of the patients, because the procedure is very fast and does not require rehabilitation period. In addition, the effect after the procedure is visible at once: fine wrinkles, improves skin texture, depth of larger wrinkles is reduced and facial contours are tightened.

It is recommended to take a course of 5-7 procedures.

2. Non-injection mesotherapy – the introduction of the cocktails into the skin under pressure of oxygen.

It is a good alternative for everyone who is afraid of injections. Besides, after this procedure, do not need rehabilitation. This method effectively removes small wrinkles and tightens the skin.
The recommended course of 4-5 treatments.

3. Infrared software and hardware non-surgical procedure that “works” with the deeper layers of the skin. Using this method removes small and large wrinkles, and the face lifts.

Experts advise to take a course of 2-3 procedures.

4. PRP PRP is a treatment which consists in the introduction of enriched plasma into the skin. After the injection procedure, necessary rehabilitation period. But this method is working fine fine lines and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

It is recommended to pass the course with an average of 4 procedures.

5. Plastic face – surgery, during which the tightening of particular parts of the face (e.g. around the eyes) or whole face at once (circular facelift). This procedure requires a long period of rehabilitation, but it is, as no other method gives 100% effect to eliminate wrinkles. In addition, to maintain a perfect skin condition, plastic face is enough to do only once in 8-10 years.

This procedure is performed once.

All the above procedures including plastic surgery, can be done as in Ukrainian clinics, and abroad.


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