How to get rid of wrinkles without of chemotherapy and surgeries

At any age most women (and men too) want to look young. Age starenii skin not to avoid anyone, but wrinkles can and should warn, and then to deal with them easier. In any case, it is never too late to start, even if you already… and you also day and night cream for face nothing more not used. Modern cosmetology offers a lot of money without costly and painful injections or facelifts skin.

Why is it important to care for your skin with youth
Many women think that “banging” 35, and then will need all there masochki, massage and other “nonsense”. But the process of biological skin aging begins from the age of 18-20. Modern poor environment, chronic and frequent colds, poor and irregular nutrition including diet, bad habits (and in fact many women smoke a pack of cigarettes per day) accelerate the process of skin aging and wrinkles. That is why cosmetologists advise to start to properly care for the skin and body at a young age.

It is not only a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep and rest, which are reflected on our skin. It is important to clean, moisturize the skin, depending on its type, to protect from sunlight – especially the skin around the eyes, frost and strong winds, do not be lazy to wash off makeup at night, use high-quality cosmetics. Then in 30, 40 and 50, your skin will look significantly fresher and younger. A different set of activities will produce the visible effect. But if you’re hoping to solve problems with aging skin by “beauty shots”, then be prepared for the fact that a couple of years the wrinkles will reappear, and costly procedure will have to repeat constantly.

Facial massage is an effective remedy against wrinkles

So, choose the creams, tonics, lotions, Moloko makeup remover according to your skin type will help the cosmetologist. Because what suits your friend may cause you allergies, skin patches, etc facial Massage, as well as any cleaning or darsonvalization person indicated for any skin type, most importantly, to avoid contraindications: inflamed pimples or acne, trauma to the skin, skin diseases, etc.

A skilled massage therapist will help get rid of sagging skin, tone facial muscles, improve skin color. If you’ve never done a massage of the face, one procedure will certainly improve the condition, but long-term effect will not have. Therefore it is better to go through several daily treatments and then to maintain the tone of face periodically.

To smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin will help darsonval

Method available, which make the skin more toned and radiant is darsonvalization. Apparatus Darsonval got its name from the name of a French physiologist who pioneered the use of electrical pulses for therapeutic purposes. The darsonvalization can enroll to the beautician, there are also portable devices that are easy to use at home. Darsonval used as dry withered skin, and for oily porous. With the help of special nozzles it is possible to study not only the face but also the neck, scalp. Better the first time to see a specialist that will show you how to use the camera.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an effective alternative peeling

One of modern cosmetic procedures is also ultrasonic cleaning of the face. This procedure darsonvalization, quick and painless. However in women with too sensitive skin can be uncomfortable and blushing face. The poet does not plan to ultrasonic cleaning, if you have a date or party on the same day. Using the procedure to remove the dead skin layer, clean pores, stimulate collagen production and improve the complexion, remove obvious wrinkles.

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