How to keep the skin elastic and healthy with the onset of autumn

With the approach of autumn becomes more urgent question of how to preserve the skin shining and smooth. Cold air, sudden gusts of wind have a negative effect on the skin. Add here still the beginning of the heating period when the air in homes and offices becomes considerably drier. All these factors dehydrate the skin, cause peeling and dryness. Therefore, it is important to know autumn secrets of Facials that differ significantly from the summer of secrets.

In the autumn – more nutrients

The main thing in the fall facial is to restore and nourish. Creams that were used during the daytime in the hot summer, you can also wait until next season. In the composition of the autumn care products for the skin should be more of vegetable fats and oils. Suitable creams with green tea, ginseng. Important point – do not apply more than necessary nutrients. Too thick a layer of fatty cream on the skin will clog pores. If you long to be warm (for example, in a warm office) that ensure the epidermal cells with oxygen will be hindered.

At night it is better to apply the cream with regenerative properties, at cold temperature is especially important for the face. Despite the fact that the fall sun is not as active as in summer, the skin on the face is still exposed to radiation. Therefore, a sunscreen for the skin does not hurt, only the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation may be lower than summer means the same orientation.

Don’t forget to moisturize the skin

Moisturize the skin in the autumn the better serums – they penetrate deep into the cells than creams. The most effective serum with olive oil, Shea butter, fatty acids, wheat germ oil. To restore the moisture level in the skin is normal and dry, you can apply a mask of egg yolk and honey. One tablespoon of honey is pounded with one egg yolk, then the resulting mass is poured one tablespoon of olive oil. The mixture is heated slightly (20 degrees) and apply on cleansed face. Mask layers are applied as drying. After 10 minutes, the mask should rinse and apply a nourishing cream. Wash off the mask with better infusion of chamomile flowers: a tablespoon of dried flowers in 200 g (a Cup) of boiling water for 15 minutes

For oily and combination skin suit mask from Apple and milk. One Apple should be cleaned and cut into small pieces. Then throw them in boiling milk (200 grams) and boil for a few minutes. Cooled the resulting slurry is applied to the face for 20 minutes. Wash off with cool water and then a nourishing cream.

Do not forget to clean the skin, but the fall to do the scrubbing should not be more one or two times a week. If you have normal or oily skin, you can use regular scrubs. If dry and too sensitive – then fit gommage (gentle products for cleansing the face).

Prevention of possible diseases

When exposed to face the cold and low air temperature there is a narrowing of the blood vessels. The skin on the face may be red and covered the vascular mesh. To avoid the development of rosacea (appearance face reddish veins), the experts recommend to follow some simple steps:
– maintain a comfortable temperature ( not too hot as it is the opposite – too cold)
– try to limit sudden temperature changes (from hot rooms – right on the street)
– eat less spicy food
– do not use the funds to care for the skin, which contains alcohol.

Follow the weather forecast: when approaching sharp cold snap at least a week start enjoying a rich and nutritious creams.