How to live without stress: learn to relax at home

Every third person modern society, according to statistics, is stressed. Stressful situations that are a consequence of how unpleasant reasons (quarrels, conflicts at work, illness) and happy events (wedding, birth of a child, a long awaited promotion) is an integral part of our lives. But negative experiences, routine and daily fatigue can lead to frustration – that is, to the state of feeling futile expectations and failures, your desires and hopes are not being met. And end pathological stress.

How to enjoy life

Remember how Baron Munchausen pulled himself up by their bootstraps? We are also able to cope with everyday stress, pulling themselves from minor scrapes. Recommends that the majority of psychologists – yoga, martial arts, meditative practices, and travel… This of course works fine, but not everyone has the time and money after a hard day to go to the gym or yoga Studio. There are stress relieving techniques that you can master at home, without going into philosophy or physical activity.

People have forgotten how to relax so that their brain would relax and rebooted. The party in the noisy company or alcohol provide only temporary feeling of relaxation and happiness. Psychologists say that is actually more life satisfaction and less stress experience those people who have a hobby. Modern people tend to relate to any hobby, as mischief – cross stitching? Paint? You still play with dolls! Actually these things are taught to concentrate, to focus on the details, the sensations, both physical and psychological, to get rid of the extraneous negative thoughts. The man who used to live in a constant perception of any information and everyday problems to do it. So, if you don’t have a hobby, it is possible to start to begin to learn to relax, concentrating on the usual domestic Affairs.

How to relax with household chores

So, our goal is to turn everyday things from the source of irritation into a source of pleasure. If you wash the dishes and think about a bad working day, then wind themselves even more. Get pleasure from the process, focusing on him. If not, then just try to consider another rinsing the plate under running water and figure accompanying each inhalation and exhalation, focusing only on that.

If it is difficult to find a positive in the home, then come up with the funniest name. For example, to give home cleaning “the code” the name “Hunting bacteria” and repair of the car in the garage – “Operation a real man” etc. It seems ridiculous and stupid, but really helps to relax. To concentrate and reboot even when knitting, if you give this exercise at least half an hour a day and at this time you will not be touched.

Learn to accept the situation and relax in it

We ourselves often put in a difficult situation from which escape is difficult: to undertake an impossible job, lend money, knowing that I won’t be able to pay them on time, etc. and nervous. But we also get nervous in situations where downtime does not depend on us: in the queue, in transport, in traffic jam at traffic lights etc. if you’re angry, it is unlikely to help. Therefore, use of unplanned pause for relaxation: always have a book to read which is not enough time or track with a new album of your favorite band and headphones. Such situations help to develop calm and concentration, memorize it and “enable” it in stressful situations.