How to look fresh and healthy in the new year’s eve

New year turmoil many women not only emboss, but also adds a few new wrinkles. Of course, to take care of their own health and appearance, but constantly not for a couple of days before the New year. But even this time can be enough to refresh the skin, tidy hair and nails and try to sleep at least 7 hours. If this failed, then there are a few female tricks that will help disguise the tired face.

To sleep, to rest and to set the mood – be sure to

Try to plan your Affairs so that on 31 December you would normally sleep, and not Wake up at 7 in the morning to feel rested and in a good mood. So today, December 30 check for all gifts and products, make the workpiece to the new year’s dishes (boiled eggs, potatoes), etc.

Before going to bed should take a relaxing sea salt bath and not a shower. On the body apply scrub: ready-made or homemade. Take coffee grounds or ground coffee, pour in the mixture 3 drops of any essential oil: orange, juniper, grapefruit and scrub is ready. Apply on the skin and relax in bath. Useful and cleansing mask for the face: first, scrub and then mask. Sensitive skin suitable mask with honey, dry – curd mask, and oily skin – egg-protein. Drink chamomile tea or lemon balm and go to sleep.

Swelling of the face: how to remove them and avoid

Try in the morning to do all the most important, and in the afternoon go to relax. It is advisable to sleep for 40 minutes. To the evening on her face appeared edema, drink extra fluids, avoid salty foods and do not start celebrating with alcohol this afternoon. If the skin can “cheer up” masks, massage and makeup, to give your tired can eyes. Lack of sleep and computer work overtime do not have the best impact on the entire body and eyes.

To remove the dark circles under the eyes, reduce swelling of the eyelids and to remove the redness will help of kompressii of a tea infuser. You can also make a compress for swollen eyelids of fresh cucumber: put on the lid for a slice of this vegetable. To remove swelling from the eyelids, face and decollete will help the ice. You can wipe the swollen place an ice cube. Just do not be too put pressure on the skin, and the ice must be wrapped in gauze or tissue. Otherwise you risk to SuperCool the skin up to frostbite.

Hide pimples, wrinkles and select makeup

If on the eve of on the face popped pimple to cope with it will help milk of magnesia or lemon juice. First you need to wipe the pimple, then apply a small layer of corrector. A full makeover will help to make this defect is practically imperceptible. If you have tried masks, facial massage, a contrast shower, and the face in the mirror, you will still seem tired to help out around the right makeup.

Multi-color shadow on the eyelids, the fat arrows, excess powder can emphasize your fatigue. Therefore, the time spent applying the “combat” makeup is better to pay a regular moisturizing mask or lie down for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Sometimes you just have to put some lashes and to emphasize the lips to look amazing.

When the make-up and hairstyle ready – wear festive clothes, jewelry, do not forget about the perfume. Doing it slowly, enjoying the effect of a beautiful dress or your favorite jewelry will Shine and pohorosheet! Look at yourself in the mirror, smile and leave all your sorrows, fatigue and stress in the past year!