How to make skin healthy and refresh the face after the holidays

Swelling, bruising under the eyes, dry skin and new wrinkles: this is the result of two weeks of the new year celebrations. High-calorie fatty foods, alcohol, partying and lack of sleep affect not only internal organs, but also on our skin. To return the skin a healthy and radiant appearance, you will need more than one day of returning to a normal sleep, nutrition, and physical training. But to freshen the face, give Shine to hair to in the morning to go to work in the “armed”, you quickly with simple and effective ways.

How to Wake up in the morning and improve blood circulation

If today, after the long weekend to get to work without a Cup of coffee failed, then tomorrow try not to do that. Coffee can and will help you to cheer up, but to give freshness to the skin and remove the “circles” under the eyes will not help. Drink on an empty stomach purified boiled water (200 g) with lemon or decoction of chamomile. Easier to purchased at the pharmacy are already packaged in tea bags chamomile flowers and brew one bag with boiling water for the night. In the morning you will get the present the broth, which will help to Wake up, tone skin and improve its color. It is advisable to drink chamomile infusion in the morning during the week.

Wake up, improve blood circulation and skin complexion, orkit vessels douches. True, not all shown: in diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the inflammatory nature of the genitourinary system (cystitis, adnexitis, etc.), menstruation in women from such a soul should be abandoned. It is better to consult with your doctor useful for you to douche or not. If you are completely healthy, then you can initially start with just a dousing of the feet, alternating between warm water (27 – 30°C) with cool (17 – 20°C). And then go to the pouring of the whole body. Important after a contrast shower a good RUB oneself with a towel and not to go out earlier than 30 minutes.

How to refresh the skin

While the body cools after the shower, you can do skin. To improve skin tone and remove puffiness under the eyes will help compresses of tea, preferably green: can be put on eyes cold used tea bag. Helps to refresh the skin the mask of fresh cucumber. To refresh and tighten the skin will help simple procedure. Take a clean Terry towel or a piece of gauze, moisten with tonic that you usually use and leave on the face for 10 minutes. Then apply a nourishing cream and very light, patting movements of the fingertips of the hands from the outer to the inner corners of the eyes and massage the skin around the eyelids. First the bottom, then over the top.

Enter in the diet beets, flax seed and nuts

Some simple but very useful products that will help cleanse the body and, consequently, to improve the condition of the skin. So, one tablespoon of flax seed a day will help to cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) and will have a positive impact on the skin. You can add seeds to salads or to eat in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass (200 g) of water. Contraindication to the use of flax seed is pregnancy, gastrointestinal diseases and cholelithiasis. Because flax seed is a cholagogue.

It is also useful to add to the diet of cooked and raw beets, beet juice, since this vegetable helps to purify the blood and improve the function of internal organs. And healthy was not only skin, but hair and nails, eat for 30 grams (a handful) of nuts per day.

Apply makeup correctly

If the face looks tired, and under eye swelling it is important not to emphasize these nuances even more with bad makeup. Avoid dark eye shadow, eyeliner and guidance “shooter”, because it will draw attention to your tired eyes. Also, do not use bright lipstick as it will draw more attention to the entire face. While the body will not be restarted and skin posvezheet.>, limit yourself to light colors or lip gloss.

Try to make time for rest and sleep. Restore strength and improve skin condition, to lose weight help vitamin complexes and herbal remedies, physical activity and sport.