How to protect yourself from mosquito bites without harm for health?

In the summer one of the most urgent problems are the mosquitoes. Many of them can spoil the entire vacation, as some skin reaction to mosquito bites so severe that suffering from itching simply will not allow to relax. Manufacturers offer a variety of products to prevent mosquito attacks, but almost all of them are made on the basis of chemicals that can negatively appear on human health.

Why are mosquitoes dangerous?

Many species of mosquitoes can carry diseases from one person to another through saliva. The most famous of these vector – the Anopheles mosquito. It bites a person sick with malaria, if the disease remains in the body of the mosquito long enough, it is likely that the mosquito will infect someone else.

How to avoid mosquito bites?

Because mosquitoes breed in water, and stagnant water, in lakes, ponds, swamps – where no currents should be avoided water. All types of standing water should be taken away from the house and garden. Feeders, watering cans, downspouts can also serve as an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes.

If you are traveling to places where a lot of mosquitoes, you need to wear long baggy pants, long sleeve shirt, special hat with mosquito netting protecting face.

Also use mosquito repellent – special substances, insect repellent. Now they have many types in any supermarket, they are mainly sold in the form of sprays. But they have a lot of chemistry, which can negatively affect human skin, can cause allergies. But there are natural substitutes of artificial repellents, which modern man can not guess, although they appeared long before the chemical, and our ancestors have long used them to protect against bites.

Natural repellents

There are many home remedies to keep mosquitoes from yourself as possible, but the most simple and proven, we will describe below.

Mosquito traps

One of the ways to protect themselves from mosquitoes to attract them into a trap. Homemade mosquito traps work as follows: at the bottom of the container (this can be a regular plastic bottle) place the yeast, pour the warm water and add sugar. The mixture emits carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes, because the exhalation, any person, emits CO2. Bloodsuckers are flying joyfully at the familiar smell, and then they will cheat. To the mosquito flew out of the trap, the lid can serve as cut off the neck of the bottle, inserted it back in upside down. The hole is wide enough so that the mosquito flew, but fly her back through a narrow hole, he is unlikely. Better to wrap the bottle in foil, so the mosquito was dark, and he wasn’t even intending to fly to the light. This device can be put on a windowsill or in a dark corner of the room.

Essential oils

Repellent on a natural basis have been used for many years. The use of essential oils from plants one of the surest ways to protect themselves from mosquitoes provided to us by nature. Components of essential oils usually evaporate quickly at room temperature. Therefore, essential oils are used several times (at least three) during the day.

Ways to use oils, there are many. In addition to simple application to the skin, you can do the first: 5-7 drops of oil should be dissolved in tablespoon of water. The resulting mixture in a glass container to heat in any way, for example by means of conventional candles. It will not only be good protokollerini tool, but also a beautiful piece of furniture, not to mention the healing properties of aromatic oils.

The most effective against mosquitoes are oil of lemon eucalyptus, citronella, and clove oil. On their basis it is possible to make stredstv against mosquito bites themselves.


To use Apple cider vinegar is necessary in order to kill bacteria on the skin, which mosquitoes are attracted. A high concentration of essential oils repels mosquitoes pungent odor.

In the container 250 ml spray bottle, mix:

  • 125 ml Apple cider vinegar;
  • 100 ml of water;
  • 100 drops of essential oil of citronella;
  • 50 drops of essential oil of lemon eucalyptus;
  • 50 drops of clove oil.

Prior to use, all you need is a good shake. But before you apply the tool across the skin, you should first apply a small amount of the oil onto a small patch of the body to check for allergic reactions. Especially careful need to contact with oils, applying them to children, because the baby skin is particularly sensitive. In addition, it may be a reaction to the scent. If no side effects are observed, it is necessary to spray this substance to the skin and clothing if you are going to go, say, in the mountains or just go out in the evening to walk, but the mosquitoes do not give you peace of mind.