How to quit Smoking and not start again: medical advice

Quitting Smoking is very difficult, but even harder to give up cigarettes forever. Determined to get rid of this bad habit, you keep day, week, month or even six months. Then there is the belief that Smoking is gone forever, self-control weakens and you will not notice as you put out the butt of the smoked cigarette. What pitfalls await on the path of denial about cigarettes and how to avoid them?

Step one: how do make the decision to give up cigarettes and tobacco

To quit Smoking abruptly or gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked is an individual matter. Having heard about the sharp deterioration in health after quitting cigarettes, smokers are pulled and continue to smoke. And the fact that a smoker shortens his life by 10 years, and in the world from Smoking every minute die 10 smokers does not stop them.

Doctors unanimously agree the need of quitting. But which method to choose – it depends on the person. If without the help of a specialist or receive special drugs can not do – be bold and don’t be shy! Psychologists advise not to take the role of the victim, before making the decision to quit Smoking. You should think not about what you lose unhealthy fun, and that get rid of the terrible disease. Because nicotine dependence is equated with substance abuse and addiction. Want to feel like a drug addict? No – then quit Smoking!

Traps on the way of those who quit Smoking: how to avoid them

Often offer to smoke for the company turns to return to Smoking. If you don’t smoke for a month or more, then a couple of puffs it seems harmless. However, once the smoker again feels the taste of nicotine, he comes back and again starts Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.
The most dangerous traps is a party or a celebration vaping environment, good mood, when you want to smoke or Vice versa – depression. Remember that the desire to smoke is the impulse will pass as quickly as it came. Inhale-exhale, if you want to smoke still trick the brain and say out loud, “Yes”, but instead of a cigarette, chew a toothpick, a swizzle stick. The desire to smoke will pass.

Again it is also difficult not to smoke in the Smoking completely surrounded. Not complex and realize that you are not a white crow, and a special person who is not going on about the herd instinct. Neutralize provocateurs can be fulfilled to automatism is a joke, ignorance, or a brief summary of health statistics that you cherish your health and do not want to so soon to join the ranks of over 4 million dying a year from Smoking people in the world.

How to overcome stress without cigarettes and tobacco

The slightest stress, fight depression, heavy workload, the rain outside the window – the reasons for, once again, to reach for a cigarette will always be a lot. But after abstaining from cigarettes you already know to calm down with cigarettes is the effect of auto – suggestion. Find ways that will help you is to drain the accumulated negative. Massage, sports or meditation will help to get rid of stress. Or an ordinary hot bath with aroma and sea salt, herbal tea with honey, a warm blanket and a good movie.

If you need to quickly center myself, put the focus not on a cigarette and some psychological trick. Psychologists advise to count to 10, having trouble breathing – slow breath/breath holding for 5 seconds/slow exhale, etc. you Can crumple and tear a sheet of paper, a newspaper, and if you have the opportunity to go to the bathroom and just yell.


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