How to quit Smoking: why do we cling to the habit

Today, on the third Thursday of November, marks the international day of refusal of Smoking. This date was established on the initiative of the American cancer society. Just think – in the world dies every 10 seconds one person Smoking vehemently. According to statistics, BOAZ, because of Smoking people die from lung cancer (90% of cases), ischemic heart disease (25%) and from chronic bronchitis with complications (75%). Not to mention the fact that nicotine damages your skin, teeth, hair and nails. Enough facts to want to quit Smoking? Then you should listen to the advice of experts, to be able to beat this addiction.

Why is it hard to quit Smoking: fear of excess weight and force of habit

Knowing about the dangers of Smoking, the smoker continues to smoke, poisoning your body and the people around him. And it is not only physical dependence on nicotine: the majority of factors that prevent us from give up cigarettes is purely psychological. Will have to abandon the established habits of drinking coffee with a cigarette in the morning, most of your surroundings – smoke and to stay away from cigarettes is very difficult, moreover, for many smokers a cigarette is a way to cope with stressful situations.

Many find excuse in the fact that if you quit Smoking, you will definitely fat. Smoking does accelerate the metabolism, but nicotine is not as helps to burn the calories as most people think of smokers. When a heavy smoker quits Smoking, he needs to find something to replace this habit: in the end the habit of Smoking cigarettes is replaced by the habit of something to eat. Similar to the nicotine effect is given sweets, chocolate, alcohol, so many smokers trying to replace cigarettes, and improve your mood calorie “snacks”. In the end gaining extra weight.

How to quit Smoking: abruptly or gradually?

Some advise to quit Smoking abruptly, others gradually. To give up cigarettes dramatically more efficient, but doesn’t fit all. Drug experts say that with the gradual reduction of cigarettes smoked a smoker simply delays the moment of final cessation of Smoking. In the end – continue to smoke. Within 30 minutes after you have smoked cigarettes the concentration of nicotine in the blood decreases, so it is important to survive it, the first three days of quitting: it is time for the body no longer feel a physical need for nicotine.

The suffering that smokers experience when attempting to abruptly quit Smoking is caused primarily by psychological factors. But under their influence begins to suffer not only brain, which is deprived of the habit, over the years, but the body and the entire body, which under the influence of stress “crawl” various “ailments”. In these cases, without special psychological techniques or applying medical treatment is necessary.

Tips of drug treatment, how to quit Smoking

The most difficult thing after a couple of weeks or a month without cigarettes, not to start Smoking again. Smoking a joint with friends, parties, holidays, even the invitation to smoke can negate all your undertakings. Add a stressful situation and his hands once again reaching for a cigarette. Drug experts say that the desire to smoke – just an impulse, that is, if you switch attention to something else.

You should to take deep breaths, try the psychological trick of deception: say the word out loud, “Yes”, but instead of a cigarette chew a match or a toothpick. Want to smoke soon. If all this is too difficult for you and painful – please seek professional help. Modern methods of treatment of nicotine addiction are very diverse: from herbal remedies and nicotine patches to hypnosis and psychotherapy.


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