How to quit Smoking without coercion: motivate yourself

Spring brings forth our thoughts to start a new, healthier life. Many smokers want to quit this bad habit and are looking for a starting point: throw with the new year, Monday, spring, etc., etc., and although the window is still winter in all its glory, the calendar reminds us that today is the first day of spring. It’s time to motivate yourself to be healthier, and to find the strength to give up cigarettes.

The first step is to correctly formulate the question

To convince ourselves or to get to do what you like and what used to – is incredibly difficult. The same with Smoking: psychologists advise to start with the wording. “I want to quit” or “I want to stop having to poison themselves with nicotine for the money” – see the difference?
Heavy smokers, especially the young and haven’t earned smoker’s cough, yellow teeth, rapidly aging skin and other “charms” of Smoking, not want to know the truth about the disease and the statistics of deaths caused by Smoking. All the talk about the dangers of nicotine contained in cigarettes carcinogens cause them irritation.

Therefore, experts advise not to disputes about the dangers of Smoking, and to learn more information on this topic. What is contained in cigarettes how tobacco affects different organs and systems, statistics of diseases and deaths related to Smoking, etc. will help a heavy smoker is not to force yourself immediately to throw a cigarette, and to think more and more about what harm he himself, but still for the money, deals. When you feel the desire to fight nicotine addiction, then it’s time to select the most suitable method. To cope can be difficult, so do not hesitate to ask for help to psychologists and narcologists.

How to develop the desire to quit Smoking, not reading medical literature

Not everyone will find the time or desire to read information about the dangers of Smoking. However important and useful it would not be. In such cases, psychologists recommend continuing to smoke, start to pay attention to the following things:

  • Discreetly observe people Smoking on the street, at work, etc. Pay attention to the fact that many smokers on the machine, and also on the condition of their skin, teeth, etc.
  • Concentrate on the smell of cigarette smoke and the smell that remains on clothes, in the car, on the skin of the smoker. How nice is it to you? Ask them to evaluate the smell of non-Smoking friends – what are their associations? Hardly anyone will tell you that your hands or clothes smell fresh and pleasant smell to them.
  • Smoke without any reference to the deeds or actions: that is, in parallel, do not read, do not view email, talk on the phone, etc. you Want to smoke – put everything and smoke.

By doing these simple things daily, many smokers is growing a conscious desire to give up cigarettes.

How to cope with the desire to smoke after quitting cigarettes

When quitting cigarettes can be overcome with panic and stress, if you take yourself in hand. Symptoms of withdrawal will start to go away 5-7 days after withdrawal from nicotine: compare this with a cold. After all, when we get sick, we take drugs, distract yourself with books and movies and try to get well soon. And with Smoking. But relying only on will power – no easy task. Thoughts about cigarettes and the unbearable desire to smoke – this is normal and to berate yourself for it. It is important to work with desires to smoke, then disappear and dependence.

Also, do not change their habits, rewarding. If your morning ritual – a Cup of coffee with a cigarette, leave a Cup of coffee, and instead of a cigarette chew a toothpick or a swizzle stick. It is important to overcome the first seconds of the desire to smoke. Find alternatives for the bad habits – like Smoking – try to do push-UPS several times or stand in the bar. Calculate how much money is spent on cigarettes in a month, and spend this amount on a loan in the pool, yoga or dancing – this will help relieve the stress that you are accustomed to remove Smoking.


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