How to rejuvenate stem cells?

A new method of rejuvenation with stem cells, and treatment of patients with incurable diseases is called Regentime. It is applied in Lebanon, in Beirut, and is patients great popularity.

Stem cell therapy – a revolution in medicine

Revitalization is a revolutionary approach in medicine, whereby the patient is on the mend, but is the regeneration of his body.

Stem cells have amazing potential, “self-renewal” and the ability to turn into any other cell types: muscle, endothelial, intestinal, glandular and nerve cells. And cells of heart, liver, retina, blood, cartilage, bones and skin.

One of the most effective methods of treatment with stem cells is a technique Regentime with extensive experience (since 2008). Competitive price and excellent service – additional advantages Regentime.

The cells used in the method Regentime?

In the world for similar purposes, used cells from different parts of the body. Leading specialists consider the most effective Regentime cells derived from bone marrow. In their view, these cells are already resistant biomarkers, and can turn into any tissue, except the cells of the placenta and gall bladder.

Specialists in regenerative medicine are convinced that the problem of aging need to start solving from the inside, and using this kind of stem cells, rejuvenate the subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels of the skin, which are responsible for youth and beauty. Today, the stem cell rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular.

In addition, it was found that these cells are able to repair organs and tissues. Due to this discovery, the opportunity to deal successfully with inoperable disease. The method Regentime facilitates the course of the disease, and in some cases even cure the disease itself.

When the effect of the procedure

Stem cells are used to rejuvenate the face. Transplantation of these cells triggers the regeneration of tissues and organs, and then of the whole organism. After local injections of stem cells immediately begin its work, smoothing out wrinkles, giving the skin radiance and youth, creating a timeless look.

Scientists explain that when autodermoplasty stem cells mechanisms of anti-aging run in the day of the procedure, but the biological process of skin rejuvenation may take several months. To further improve the health of the patient occurs in the next months and even years. Because regeneration is a long process, not instant result.

It should be noted that perfectly care for the skin of the face and body apparatus d’arsonval, and laser therapy.

In addition, this goal also effective different herbal remedies such as Vitaderm, Time expert, and others. They increase the ability of skin to regenerate, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, nourish and moisturize the skin.