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How to resume exercise without harm to health

After the holiday period some people don’t know how to properly re-start training. Before leaving on vacation for a week, if not month, not everyone has the ability (or desire) to look at the rest of the gym or Jogging in the morning. The breaks in the classroom physical activity can bring both benefit and harm. Therefore, it will not hurt to remember (or learn) how to start again to train and not to harm health.

What happens to muscles during “downtime”

Depending on how long you are subjected to physical loads, will depend on your body’s reaction to the termination of training. If the sports are postponed only for a week, then worry about your muscles and the waist is not necessary. During the week it is Vice versa – to give the muscles the opportunity to recover from the damage, especially if you train often and a lot. To lose elasticity, shape and strength of the muscle tissue starts only 10 days after cessation of exercise. It is important not to delay the resumption of training, because the longer the breaks in sports, the harder it is to get back into shape.

If you have not engaged a month, the body begins to weaken, the muscle tissue cease to regenerate, their strength decrease and volume decreases. Also a month long break in sports leads to deterioration of endurance, because the amount of glycogen in the muscles is dramatically reduced. Breaks in physical activity from 1 month to several result in the loss of muscle memory, so to quickly restore muscle possible only if you have a great experience playing sports. If you exercise recently, it breaks in a few months to change and weaken muscle coordination.

What is the danger of breaks in physical education and sports

If for any reason you had to postpone the sport for a month, then there are positive aspects. The body will gain strength and energy, muscles will fully recover. A break in the sport that lasts a month can be used to change physical activity and selecting a new sport.
If your goal is to achieve a beautiful, toned and textured body, the long breaks you can negate all the results.

Also in the rejection of the workouts can start to get back excess weight as muscle tissue begins to decrease, and fat – appears. If you do not, then to avoid weight gain should eat healthy and low-calorie food.

How do you begin again to train without harm to health

Going to the gym or going for a run etc. after a long break, initially it is important to determine the load. The regime to which you are accustomed to break, can lead to injury, muscle strain, muscle pain, and will require again to abandon training. So you should start with minimum loads, gradually increasing them as muscle recovery. Each has its own individual feature of the body and sports experience, so it is important not to overdo it.

Repair muscles will help morning exercise: do elementary physical exercises in the morning will help you in vacation or business trip to stay in shape, maintain muscle tone and will not take much time. To return to an active way of life without harm to health after a long break, fitness instructors recommend to choose the activity medium level of severity. Running, stretching, classes at “the gym” without the use of heavy weights, cardio, Biking, rollerblading. The optimal number of load recovery after the break and return to form – it’s 3 workouts a week.