How to return the skin a healthy appearance after winter: the recommendations of cosmetologists

After the attack of the winter wind and frost in the spring, the skin requires enhanced protection. It is especially important to properly care for the skin. For each type of leather has its own principle of care and details to properly “paint” which will help the cosmetologist. But there are General guidelines that will help to achieve a good effect.

It is important to clean the skin

With the onset of the first warm days many (especially women), there is a desire to quickly make an appointment to the beautician and test high modern cleaning technologies. However, extensive peeling of the skin in early spring can lead to increased sensitivity and more aggressive exposure to sunlight, or ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, cleaning the skin now you only need soft, gentle scrubs and masks.

Clean the skin twice a day, do you use makeup or not. Do it with a lotion or tonic that suits your skin type. And the makeup is better to remove cosmetic milk. It is better to abandon the usual soap, especially for dry skin type. In order to reduce the aggressive action of tap water, it can be replaced with treated water. After washing the facial skin easily promarinuetsya a soft towel, then apply tonic, and tonic on top of your cream or butter.

To nourish and moisturize the skin – in emergency mode

During the winter our skin becomes dry and dehydrated. It is therefore important not only to drink per day 1.5-2 liters of clean water (if you have no edema and kidney problems) but to treat the skin (especially the face) nourishing oils and creams. Well, if the application of nutrients will occur simultaneously with the massage. In General, many women forget about this important for skin care as a facial massage. Of course it is better to trust the specialist: he is right and is not traumatic, will cause a nutritional means, acceleration of lymph. But even putting the house on the face cream or oil, after light massage movements of the skin don’t forget to massage the trestles of the ears and scalp. Or simply brush the hair within minutes. This will help to consolidate the effects of a massage, it is better to smooth out wrinkles and prevent puffiness on the face.

Use a day cream with a light texture, for the night – a rich and nutritious. Do not forget about the skin on the hands, feet and dcollet. People with dry skin often additional care and nutrition required by the skin on the shins and thighs, which in the cold time of the year begins to dry and peel. Restore skin radiance better help tools with content:

  • vitamins A, E, C
  • collagen
  • panthenol
  • natural oils (not essential) coconut, sesame, grapeseed, etc.

Refrain from tanning and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation

Even we seem weak rays of sunlight can be dangerous for tired winter skin. So if you are going for a long time to spend in nature or walking in the fresh air, it is best to apply on the face and hands sunscreen and wear sunglasses. This is especially important when the tendency to skin pigmentation, the formation of freckles and photodermatosis – skin reactions if you are sensitive to the sun. Also don’t immediately run to the Solarium, to remove “unhealthy” and pale skin.

Besides the fact that this procedure may be contraindicated in skin diseases, varicose veins, mastitis and several other chronic diseases, UV rays will make dehydrated and dry skin even drier. Solarium contributes to the destruction of collagen in skin cells, causing wrinkles. So if you go to the Solarium – it only after consulting a doctor and not in early spring. Follow the above recommendations, as well as relax completely, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, avoid cigarettes, and your skin will say “thank you”!