How to slow down aging skin: what is revitalization — Healthy


The modern way of life, unfortunately, has a negative impact on our skin. Poor environmental conditions, unbalanced diet, stress, alcohol and nicotine – all of these factors provoke an early aging of the skin. Add here the wrong skin care, genetic factors, etc., to Correct the effects of these factors by using a special medical-beauty treatments – revitalization.

Than revitalization differs from other “beauty shots”
Rewitalizacja skin is a procedure in which the superficial layer of the skin (face, neck, hands and knees, décolleté, etc.) are special substances. Their action improves the homeostasis – the process of self-regulation of circulating blood near the surface layers of the skin, metabolic processes in General. Initially, the revitalization was carried out only with the help of injection, then began to use other technologies – such as laser.

In the end, this procedure helps to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, making it more supple and elastic, smooth wrinkles and give a fresher look. Some confuse revitalization (biorevitalization) Botox: though Botox injections are drugs based on botulinum toxin secreted by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Wrinkles Botox eliminates and relaxes the facial muscles, not allowing them to contract and thus provide the effect of smoothing facial wrinkles. With the revitalization in the skin are a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, amino acid complexes, peptides, vitamins, etc.

What types of skin revitalization are
Revitalization can be divided into 3 main types:

  • preventive procedures – used drugs only on the basis of hyaluronic acid (ha). Indications – to prevent aging of the skin, adjust the balance of amino acids.
  • the “classic” treatment – use of a whole range of substances that help to restore the deeper layers of the skin
  • hardware revitalization – the use of drugs of the 3rd generation (nanocapsule GK) plus laser treatment (release inside capsule using the laser beam).
  • Potrebitelskie – GK application in conjunction with light pulses. This method not only helps to smooth out wrinkles, but also to remove pigment spots, narrow pores.

Where to revitalization and how to choose a specialist
The result of the procedure primarily depends on the skills and qualifications of a cosmetologist. Trust your health only qualified cosmetologists and dermatologists, who have experience in conducting such procedures will help to identify Your problems and find you suitable drug. In consultation with the patient, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive skin examination, would make the scheme of input of drugs, will tell in detail about all stages of the procedure.

In case of allergic reactions, diabetes, psoriasis, herpes at the time of exacerbation, skin rashes, scars and inflammation of the procedure is contraindicated. The specialist will refuse to prietenii treatments at low blood clotting, pustular skin lesions, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Will alert the specialist about possible side effects (redness, swelling, etc.) that take place within a few hours or days after the procedure. Choose the clinic for the revitalization will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if to choose the clinic You have trouble, ask for free help from our experts.